York City Residents Worry About 17 Percent Tax Hike

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York City home and business owners will pay 17 percent more in property taxes this year following the Saturday morning conclusion of a long and bitter debate over the city’s financial future.

That’s on top of an 11 percent increase this year. By far, city residents pay more in property taxes than residents of any other York County municipality.

For the owner of a $50,000 house, the tax bill will increase by $149.50 to a total of $1,018.50.

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3 comments on “York City Residents Worry About 17 Percent Tax Hike

  1. I heard that York, Pa is raising taxes 17% decided by York city council.
    This is of grave concern to me and more then likely many many other senior citizens living in and around York, Pa struggling to survive on our retirement and or disability incomes of which are fixed … With this increased Tax liability put upon us on top of the existing tax liability we / I may not be able to continue to pay the taxes due any longer on time or at all. I have contacted the tax office of York and asked what would happen if someone could not pay their taxes and was told that a payment plan could be set up to pay the taxes due but this does not solve the problem …. Why … because then the next years taxes come due and again will not be able to pay them because we would still be
    paying on the pass years taxes and still would not have the funds to pay them again anyway. This causing a never ending catching up problem and again the probability of loosing our homes to a tax sale … when payments would be set up and an amount set to pay each month so it is paid before the next tax season that amount would probably be an amount we could not pay anyway being on a fixed retirement and or disability income. I know this is where I and more then likely hundreds to thousands of other seniors citizens in York, Pa stand right now and nothing I or we can do about it … but … complain and hope for some help in some way desperately preying that we could become exempt from paying taxes any longer or even an extremely lower tax rate for senior citizens and disabled citizens. The tax breaks we receive now do hardly anything to help us even though we do recognize anything helps, we still have to pay taxes with money out of our retirement funds or disability fixed incomes. Money we could be using to help our retirement be a somewhat better one or at least a fair way of life … Money used to pay taxes in our retirement or disabled life would be used to help with maintenance to our homes, heating bills, car repairs, healthy foods, clothes, shoes, medical bills, prescriptions, health insurance, at least some entertainment in life’s retiring end and other needed funds for retirement life. Myself, I depend on Goodwill, Salvation Army and thrift shops to buy clothes and shoes because these needed essentials of life cost way to much for our incomes new. I can’t enjoy getting gifts for my grand children any longer, can’t enjoy Christmas any more, can’t really go anywhere to enjoy our retirement life with my grand children or my wife who now is on oxygen 24 / 7 facing a lung and probably heart transplant. Tax money we could desperately use for my wifes condition now. I wonder, does anyone really care about a senior citizens life style or retired life’s conditions in York, Pa’s Legislative offices.

    I understand that the city has to collect taxes to pay it’s bills, employees, maintenance and over head. I have been paying these taxes ever since I began to work at the age of 13 up until this very moment all total 52 years of paying my fair share of taxes and maybe 20 years of paying school and property taxes … Now retired on a fixed retirement income I can no longer afford to pay my share. Senior citizens retirement and or disability income of which are the same in some cases do not go very far these days and are based on a 4 week month. When months have 5 weeks in them we basically are broke until our next retirement check arrives … most of our savings accounts are empty for medical reasons or other reasons why we had to use them, perhaps on our homes for repairs and maintenance or car problems … I’m sorry but this way of life for a retired person who has worked and paid taxes all their life is not a way for one to retire and look forward to a retirement life that in some point in the future could loose our homes to a tax sale …. and live a retired slum life.

    Below is a letter I wrote to the York, City Council of which was ignored or so it seems because I did not get a response at all. It was sent to the following on the date specified with the subject …..

    Date: 2/23/2011 … 11:40:26 PM … Eastern Standard Time
    Subject: Senior citizens concerns about Taxes

    I thought it should deserve a reply and received nothing


    I have a major concern that I am sure every other Senior Citizen and Disabled Individual of York City and York County are also concerned about and that is the paying of School Taxes and Property Taxes.

    I am disabled and retired now as many other York Senior Citizens. I have lived here in York city now going on 21 years and grew up in Manchester, Pa. Our children are all grown and have children of their own now. We now live on a fixed retirement / disability income and Individuals who are disabled are living on a fixed disability income due to no fault of their own, many from work injuries. We no longer have the ability to go to work and work over time to earn extra money to help pay bills and Taxes. We have to budget our fixed retirement and disability incomes so we can survive and try to live a somewhat stable life. Today that in itself is very difficult to do with the cost of everything going up, food, gas for our vehicles, utilities, home heating oils, clothing etc … etc … etc …

    When Tax time comes around each year we are desperately trying to gather the funds to pay our taxes which has become a major headache being retired and disabled. Many of us try to save a little each month toward paying taxes but many do not have the ability to do that. I and many others at times have to dip into my / our tax funds to pay for something we needed for the house or car or doctor bill and then have to play catch up to meet the tax deadlines. The Senior citizens who try to save the money to pay their taxes each month take away from their fixed retirement and disability incomes which then gives them even less to spend on the things we / they need to live a somewhat fair quality of life in our retirement. There are some who have had their homes sold at tax sales who could not pay their taxes living on fixed retirement and disability incomes and more who will also loose their homes in the same way this year and in the years to come. This is a major dilemma many many senior citizens and disabled people have to face each year. We worked all our lives paying for our homes only to retire and face the possibility of loosing them to tax sales because we could not pay our taxes any longer being on fixed incomes. It is not a fun thing to have to deal with each year.

    I and many hundreds of other senior citizens and disabled people in York want to know why, after all our children are grown with their own children, have to continue to pay our school taxes and property taxes when we can no longer afford to do so living on retirement incomes and disability incomes. Many of us live a quality of life that stinks most of the time because we do not have the funds to really do anything or go anywhere or enjoy retirement the way we would like to because we have to pay out hundreds to thousands of dollars a year to taxes we should not have to continue to pay …. We end up surviving on low quality foods instead of foods rich in nutrients and vitamins which in the long run cause us health problems, high cholesterol and heart problems. We cannot enjoy treating our grand children to things we would love to do also because of the lack of funds being on a disability and retirement income. Our homes become run down in need of repairs we cannot afford to take care of because we do not have the extra funds. After working all our lives and paying our homes off we should not have to face such dilemmas. The money we have to spend on paying the taxes due each year we could use to provide our lives a better quality of life and enjoy retirement so much better without the worries of having to pay the taxes. I do understand everyone must pay their share of taxes, all Senior citizens have done so all our lives and now need a tax break on the local level as well as the federal and state levels …. but this is about the local level taxes we senior citizens have to continue to pay when we retire or become disabled due to no fault of our own.

    Why can’t there be something done to eliminate both school and property taxes for the retired and disabled here in York Pa. Other states and cities have done this for their senior citizen population. Why can’t York help it’s senior citizens live a better quality of life and help make retirement something to enjoy without the headache and heartache of worrying about paying taxes we can no longer afford to pay. The 2 per cent discount we get for a tax break helps very little if at all .. we may save a hundred dollars at tax time for some of us and a thousand for others, every little bit helps don’t get me wrong but can’t this be improved on or eliminate the tax for senior citizens all together. All together is better absolutely… The money we save not having to pay taxes will improve our quality of life tremendously for many. It would save me 800 to 1000 dollars a year in property taxes alone and that would help me with home repairs and car repairs as well as better quality food and clothing as well as a better quality of life. It would save me 800 to 1200 dollars a year in school taxes which would definitely help give me and my wife a better quality of life as we grow older … things are not going to get any better for us as long as we have to continue to pay taxes we can no longer afford to pay, only get much worst in the years to come with the possibility of loosing our home to a tax sale … I wonder, is there anyone on the city council that really cares …. whether senior citizens loose their homes due to a tax sale … or doesn’t anyone really care what quality of life a senior citizens have to live. Is it more important to collect money from Senior citizens and put them in jeopardy of loosing everything they have worked for all their lives.

    I’ll stop here because I may be talking on deaf ears anyway .. wasting my breath …. There are some senior citizens who do not face the dilemmas many face, that is true but wouldn’t it be nice if they too could spend even live a better quality of life as well … think about it because sooner or later you will also be on the tax chopping block …

    I would like a reply …


  2. Mike,

    What you wrote about is a serious problem that many seniors face and seems to fall on deaf ears as evidenced by your letter to York City.

    I too am in a similiar situation and know many others in the same boat. The economy is taking a toll on people who cannot supplement their incomes and even those who can. We are being squeezed beyond the breaking point. I am moving after seven years because I can no longer afford my rent that increases every year, while my income does not.

    Our taxing systems need a major overhaul!

    I hope you can get some help!

  3. Who do we see to talk to about this. Who do we see to get help on these issues for senior citizens of York. Certainly not the York city council as proven already. Who do we talk to to protect our homes from becoming property on a tax sale for unpaid taxes because that is where my ome is going to be. I cannot pay the 17 per cent increase. How can we get the senior citizens together to fight loosing our homes to a tax sale?

    there are states that senior citizens do not have to pay the school tax or property tax after they retire and become dependent on a fixed retirement income. Like Washington state … Look it up …. Needless to say I am worrried about this a lot and I will fight if I have to save what I have worked for all my life … I have talked to congressmen and a senetor, they say they have no authority in city local matters like taxes … so whos left?

    I have sent the same mail I posted on here to senior citizen centers and have had no replies. are the afraid to protect their lifes work. I am confused and trying to figure out just how I will be able to pay the 17% tax increase of which I know I am not going to be able to do ..

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