Pennsylvania Gets More Than $41 Million In Federal Education Funds

Pennsylvania has been given more than $41 million in education funding through the federal Race to the Top grant program.

The money will be used mainly for a new evaluation system for teachers, an effort to align academic standards and improve access to charter and online charter schools, according to state education officials.

The $41,326,299 grant will be paid over the next four years.

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One comment on “Pennsylvania Gets More Than $41 Million In Federal Education Funds

  1. That’s great that we are getting 41 million for education.
    My question is,how much of that 41 million is actually going to the children’s eductaion and how much is going to the teacher’s union?
    It’s a very sad sight to see young people now days that have NO people skills since all they know are video games,Facebook and texting.
    Can we PLEASE teach these kids to actually TALK to people!
    How much do we pay in school taxes?As a homeowner with NO kids in school,too much!!

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