Pottstown Sixth Ward Councilor Jody Rhoads Votes NO For Tax Increase

Location of Pottstown in Montgomery County

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A prepared statement was read by Councilor Rhoads at Monday night’s Pottstown Borough Council meeting outlining why he can not support any tax increase for Pottstown Borough property owners.

Jody writes:

“We all know our staff has been working hard on the budget, and have done a good job.  I keep hearing there are a lot of positive things happening in Pottstown.  A tax hike whether $10 or $100 is not one of them, especially when it involves a 2% raise for management*.

Apparently there are some who are happy about giving out tax dollars away for raises, when in fact a good portion of the taxpayers:

  1. Are jobless
  2. Can’t find work
  3. Had their pay and hours cut
  4. Are on a fixed income
  5. Are losing or lost their house to Sheriff Sale
  6. Cannot pay their bills
  7. Cannot afford health insurance

Well, I’m not happy about it.”

End of prepared statement.

*The 2% increase is for staff not covered by a collective bargaining agreement.  This amounts to $25,145.53. 

Councilor Rhoads suggested to President Toroney (via email) that the $5,335.61 allotted to the General Fund for raises in 2012 should be removed from the budget.

In an email response to Councilor Rhoads, President Toroney stated “Management salary is an easy target for cuts, while union workers get their increase for next year, making the disparity between rank and file and management even closer, that, management will soon be making less than rank and file.  Freezes need to be across the board for fairness which I would support.”

This year’s budget will include a 1.68% property tax increase, which translates into a $14.35 per year increase for a home assessed at $85,000.

One comment on “Pottstown Sixth Ward Councilor Jody Rhoads Votes NO For Tax Increase

  1. Well, we have to admire Jody and Dan Weand for standing against this increase and exploring salary freezes. But the question still goes begging: what is council doing to explore sources of new revenue? I contend that two sources of revenue that must be researched are:

    1. excessive use of Police services by negligent absentee rental property owners who use these services to keep their tenants in line. It’s costly to the taxpayers and it is not effective. Under one model, billing them by the number of visits, there is roughly $300,000, give or take, that could be tapped in just one neighborhood.

    2. re-tooling and staffing Codes for even just one year of organized, dedicated inspections of rentals would net revenue that would pay for the extra staff, tools and then some.

    The added benefit of pursuing these two sources of revenue? The lightening fast speed at which they would clean up this town too. If the borough doesn’t start hitting these indecent investors in the pocket book they are going to proliferate. An investor was overheard telling a prospective investor that there is no better place to do rental property business than Pottstown. Lack of oversight and Police to “babysit” their tenants make it a “no brainer”. Our elected officials need to get wise to this fact.


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