Pottstown Mayor Whines About Budget Cut

Location of Pottstown in Montgomery County

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Only in Pottstown!  Our illustrious Missy Mayor, Bonnie Heath is upset with Pottstown’s new $38.9 million budget.  In an effort to cut frivolous expenditures and luxuries we cannot afford, her $300.00 Mayor’s budget was reduced to $50.00.  Well cry me a big fat river!  I find this absolutely amazing for several reasons:

a. Bonnie was whining about eating “fuel costs” for attending events.  Excuse me, but the last time I checked, driving around a 5 square-mile borough does not exactly use much gas.  You might consider buying a more fuel-efficient vehicle if gas to drive around Pottstown is such a strain on your budget.  You already require a free ticket to attend an event!  Or better yet, don’t make unauthorized and secret trips to Norristown to undermine binding votes of Council you disagree with.  That would save a couple bucks!

b. Does the totally ceremonial position of mayor even need a “budget” to be a ribbon-cutter and baby-kisser?  I think not!

c. Considering the state of the economy and the state of Pottstown; does this petty whining about $250.00 seem out of touch with reality to anyone else?  People are starving, a large percentage of PSD students are on reduced or free lunch, homes are being foreclosed, jobs are hard to come by and our mayor has the chutzpah to carp about her “budget” being cut when we are trying to avoid raising taxes!

Two Roy’s Rants thumbs down for this selfish behavior from a public servant.  Why don’t you try being part of the solution instead of being part of the problem, Bonnie!

13 comments on “Pottstown Mayor Whines About Budget Cut

  1. How did she utilize this $300 in the past? Remember, the only power of the Mayor is the ability to veto the yearly budget. Let’s see if she sinks the budget over a $250 cut in her office allocation.

    Her comment, or threat, was that she would have to consider billing the Borough for mileage. There should be no events outside of this Borough requiring us, the taxpayers, to pay for her to attend. If she is doing something outside of the Borough, it should be on her own mileage and dollar. Are we paying mileage and event costs for Council to attend events outside of Pottstown? If the Mayor starts to bill the Borough mileage for attending events in Pottstown, then shame on her. We’ll remember that at the ballot box.

    Per Borough ordinance, the Mayor gets an annual stipend of $2,000. That sure buys a lot of gas to get around town. That also would buy a lot of hot air, but rest assured, our Mayor has all the hot air the town could possibly ever need.

  2. The current “Mayor” has disgraced that office. Never fear, Concerned Citizen. There is NO WAY IN HECK she will win another election. Most of Pottstown doesn’t even know who she is! And there aren’t enough of her supporters, the “Wanna Bes” of Pottstown, to make a re-election happen.

    BTW Roy. Neat snowfall on your blog!! LOVE it!

  3. I can not imagine anyone would vote for that woman again after her disgraceful performance as mayor. Worst mayor ever!

    Thanks Mom-Mom. The snow is a WordPress feature. Just click a box and it’s there until January 4th or something like that. WordPress rocks!

  4. Please feel free to correct me but didn’t one of the “secret trips” to Norristown cost the borough and The Gallery a $200,000 grant?

  5. Ding, ding, ding!!!! We have a winner!

    BTW she and her charming husband were at the Cup tonight 😦 Other than that it was a wonderful experience. I heard somebody say, “I’m the mayor.” and when I looked there she was in all her glory. Fortunately, I was able to keep my delicious meal down!

  6. Heck, we would have picked her up and bought lunch! We just wanted to show tht there is some manufacturing life left in Pottstown. We will try again during election year. Maybe even the Mercury would find the time to come out.

  7. LOL just catching up on the news and I didn’t want to miss this boat. For a really jolly laugh, word up is that she plans to run for Mayor again. We know where you can get a free yellow bike Mrs. Mayor, won’t cost us or you a dime and the next time you have the “urge” to head to Norristown on behalf of Pottstown – hitch hike.

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