United States Postal Service Slowing Down To Save Money

USPS service delivery truck in a residential a...

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So it looks like the Slowskys may have a new company to shill for soon.  Those DSL loving turtles may soon be able to work for the United States Postal Service (USPS).

According to recent revelations from the USPS, you will need to start mailing your letters a day or two earlier in order for them to arrive on time.  This spring, first-class mail will take a day or two longer to reach its destination.  About half of the mail processing centers in the US will be closed to save money.  You can forget mailing a letter and having it delivered the next day.  In addition, stamp prices will rise a penny to .45 cents, starting January 22nd.

Along with the mail processing center closings, 3,700 post office locations are slated to be closed and up to 100,000 USPS employees could be furloughed.  The USPS is billions of dollars in the red!

Eliminating Saturday mail delivery is still under consideration!  You can expect more fees and even slower delivery times for bulk mail and periodicals too!

One comment on “United States Postal Service Slowing Down To Save Money

  1. Well,what do you expect from yet another failing government agency.
    The postal sevice needs to operate like the rest of us.Pay for their own healthcare,contribute to their own pensions and retirment,and live within a budget.
    Then again this is government at it’s “best”.
    You wonder why a lot of people,including myself,are starting to pay their bills online.
    Stopping Saturday delivery would be a good start to getting their “house”in order.
    I don’t know about you,when I get something in the mail on a Saturday that I need to take care of such as a question about a bill,I have to wait until Monday anyway.

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