Harrisburg International Airport Poised To Escape Next Round Of Air Service Cuts

Harrisburg International Airport (HIA) is doing well and traffic is up. With the price of fuel, many airlines are looking at the cost-effectiveness of their 50 passenger regional jet fleets.  With todays fuel prices it has become more cost-effective to fly larger planes.  Fortunately, HIA is equipped to handle larger planes.

There are 1.8 million people within an hour of HIA which makes this a sizable market.  Because of this, many carriers flying into the HIA will simply start using larger planes. 

Delta has seen at 50 percent increase in traffic on their DFW to HIA route due to the Marcellus Shale gas industry.  Harrisburg is the hub of Pennsylvania’s state government and home to large companies like Hershey, which use air travel for business.

Airport officials are stating American Airlines bankruptcy filing will not impact travelers flying out of HIA.  What American Airlines decides to do with its regional airlines will determine what the future holds for HIA, not the bankruptcy filing.

Smaller market airport like State College and Venango Regional will most likely be under scrutiny by airlines as they decide whether flying from these locations remains cost-effective.  Can these smaller markets generate enough passengers to fill 70 – 100 seat planes?  Time will tell.

Pottstown Shop-Local-First “Cash Mob” Event

Saturday, December 3, 2011, 11:00 AM

Gallery on High

254 East High Street Pottstown, PA (map)


$20 is the weapon of choice for Re-Occupy Pottstown Local Businesses’ next shop-local-first event, “Cash Mob.” For each “cash mob” event there will be a prearranged meeting spot (our first “cash mob” location will be The Gallery on High on Saturday, December 3 at 11 am). We will meet with $20 in hand ready to be spent at the local business (anyone can spend more if you are able and would like, of course). 

This is a great demonstration of how, with a focused, joint effort, each person’s purchasing power can truly make a difference.

THRIVE LOCAL Presents Boyertown Holiday Shopping Event

Saturday, December 10, 2011  –  10:30am until 1:30pm  –  Boyertown, PA
Please join us as we kick off our first local event! We will meet at Frecon’s Hard Bean at 10:30am on December 10th. Here you will receive information on local merchants and a tag to wear which identifies you with THRIVE. From here you are free to support local busines…ses as you shop for the holidays. Solo, or with others, stroll Boyertown‘s Main Street area and do your part to help restore the American Dream!

A reception will be held at Clayote from 1-2:30pm where shoppers can relax, nourish and imbibe.

Event facilitators will be available at the Hard Bean until 11:30am.

THRIVE – Together Helping Revive Independent Vendors Everywhere

**Restoring the American Dream – One Town at a Time**

Pottstown Borough Spending Addiction Continues

I commented last year and cited examples of other cities and towns in Pennsylvania who have more size appropriate budgets.  Pottstown’s budget is enormous!

Jeff Leflar makes some good points in his recent post on The Pulse about Pottstown’s spending addiction and the inability of our leadership to cut expenses.  We continually raise taxes!  Eventually nobody will be able to afford to live here!

To read Jeff’s article, click here:  http://codebluepulse.blogspot.com/2011/11/borough-spending-addiction-continues.html