A Statement And Upcoming Local Events From Occupy Pottstown

I asked Amy Francis to write a few paragraphs about what Occupy Pottstown’s goals are and what it hopes to achieve.  Amy also talks about the Occupation Movement in general.  If all you know about this movement is what you have seen on television you may want to take a moment and see what this is all about. 

So without further adieu, Amy writes:

The Occupations are a statement against the economic and political systems in this country, which are currently only working only for the most “powerful” (in other words, the richest) 1%. In Pottstown, we have surely seen the trickle down effects from this economic imbalance everywhere: homes going into foreclosure, blight in what were once nice neighborhoods, companies moving out of town or closing, broken-down infrastructure, educational cuts while unfunded mandates continue to increase, skyrocketing taxes, more and more unemployment, etc, etc. What has become painfully clear is that the American Dream has become virtually unattainable for the majority of American people, and certainly for the Pottstown people.

While it is clear is that everyone’s reason why they “occupy” is unique and personal, however, what I perceive to be the common thread of the Occupy Pottstown supporters is a desire to put a spotlight on the inequities that Pottstown bears, along with many other First Suburbs. As history has shown us in Pottstown, ignoring these problems will not make them go away; the Occupy Pottstown group has proven to me to be the people willing to talk openly about the local issues and how they have effected their lives in palpable way; that, I believe, is the only real fist step towards making things better for more people. Simply put; the members of Occupy Pottstown have opened up the discussion and have shown a commitment to do so until change takes hold.

Occupy Pottstown’s first public gathering will be on November 21, 4 – 7 pm at the corner of Hanover Street and College Drive, and all are invited to join us. Occupy Pottstown also wants to increase awareness of the importance of supporting local businesses which, in turn, helps to support our local economy. To initiate this goal, Occupy Pottstown members will be holding our first “Occupy Downtown Pottstown Walk” on November 26th, which is Small Business Saturday; meeting time and place to be announced. Again, all are invited and encouraged to join.

Power to the People (one Pottstown at a time)!

5 comments on “A Statement And Upcoming Local Events From Occupy Pottstown

  1. With all of these “occupy”numbnuts we see on TV and in the news,I really,really wish they would “occupy” a JOB!
    Then again,they just maybe too stupid and asine to “occupy” a job.
    I wouldn’t hire any of them if I had a business.I’d hire military vets in a heartbeat.

    • Margaret, there aren’t enough jobs for everyone to occupy. Have you seen the unemployment numbers? They aren’t that high due to lazy people. I find it very telling about where your comments are coming from by the comments themselves. All of the name calling and put downs. Are they really necessary? Calling others stupid when you can’t even spell assinine is hilarious though. As a disabled military vet, I’d like to be flattered by your statement, but you fail to realize that we are in the one percent.

  2. When our representatives are more interested in satisfying the desires of their primary funders than in building and maintaining a strong America, it’s time for the people to raise their voices and be heard. The financial institutions need to be returned to the days of rules and accountability, and must be separate from our legislative bodies. Corruption and greed will finish off this once wonderful country if changes aren’t made. We The People have power in our numbers. Let your voice ring loud and clear.

  3. “The Occupations are a statement against the economic and political systems in this country, —American Dream has become virtually unattainable for the majority of American people, and certainly for the Pottstown people.”

    So why further disrupt the people of Pottstown? I’m sure they’re already aware of our economic problems. Why not “Occupy” Washington?

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