Friends Of Pottstown Public Education Candidates Win School Director Seats

Location of Pottstown in Montgomery County

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We would like to extend our most sincere congratulations to Judyth Zahora, Andrew Kefer and Mary-Beth Lydon for each winning a seat on the Pottstown School Board!  The Friends of Pottstown Public Education candidates ran as a block and they will help return the voice of reason to the Pottstown School Board.  

Judy, Mary-Beth and Andrew will join Robert Hartman and Polly Weand in keeping Mr. Hylton’s ego and spending in check!  Had Mr. Hylton’s hand-picked candidates won, it would have given Mr. Hylton carte blanche on the renovations, which Pottstown taxpayers cannot afford!

Many thanks to the Pottstown voters who turned out today and exercised their right to vote in a free election, as guaranteed by our constitution.

2 comments on “Friends Of Pottstown Public Education Candidates Win School Director Seats

  1. I would like to say Congrats to the FPPE candidates and wish them well!!

    I am confident in their abilities and their intentions to put students first. They face some diificult decisions in the next years. Hopefully, they will have the support of the voters to make the best choices and build a community that supports public education and the district’s role in Pottstown’s revitalization.

    I urge people to support these individuals and question the board when decisions don’t seem to make sense. The time has come to stop trying to prove eachother wrong and start making choices to find common ground and achieve together.

    It isn’t ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ – ‘they’ are ‘us’ and ‘we’ are ‘them’ – and together ‘we’ will make choices that make a difference.

    Again, my heartfelt best wishes to Andrew, Judy & Mary-Beth! I congratulate them for the commitment to run & soon serve on the Pottstown school board!! Dec. 1st will be a great day!

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