POTTSTOWN, PA, NOVEMBER 2, 2011: Pottstown Area Industrial Development, Inc. (PAID) has announced the appointment of Steven Bamford as its new Executive Director. Bamford’s first day will be November 10, 2011.

A resident of Lansdale, Bamford has over 20 years of economic development experience in local government as well as the private sector – since February 2010, he has been Co-Owner/Vice President of TCB Marketing, a results-oriented marketing, media and management consulting firm.

Additionally, Bamford served as a Manager, then Senior Manager, at Ernst and Young from 2002 to 2010. At Ernst and Young, Bamford was responsible for assisting Fortune 1000 and middle market clients making investment and location decisions in the US and abroad by identifying, negotiating and securing incentives from federal, state and local governments.

Prior to his private sector experience, Bamford worked in various positions in the public sector. From 1997 to 2002, Bamford held dual roles as the Vice President of Operations with the Allentown Economic Development Corporation and served as the Executive Director of the Allentown Commercial and Industrial Development Authority. In this capacity, Bamford managed the day-to-day operations of these organizations and their real estate redevelopment projects serving as “developer of last resort” for the most challenging, underutilized and functionally obsolete properties. Bamford also assisted businesses and developers in determining feasibility, site selection, and obtaining funding for projects. Some of these projects included the Bridgeworks, Portland Place, Plaza at PPL Center and Lehigh Landing.

From 1993 to 1996, Bamford served as the Vice President for Special Projects with the New Castle County (DE) Economic Development Corporation where he assisted with site selection and provided support for companies seeking incentives, zoning or development plan approval for projects. Also, Bamford served as the Economic Development Specialist for the City of Reading from 1991-1993 where he performed financial analysis, evaluated development and operating budgets and made funding recommendations to City Council on requests from businesses and developers for assistance through the City’s revolving loan fund.

“Steve’s experience, energy and mix of public sector and private sector experience will be a positive impact to the Borough of Pottstown” said Jason Bobst, President of the Board of Directors.

“We were especially impressed with Steve’s research into the Economic Development Strategic Plan and the most recent Urban Land Institute Advisory Panel Service Plan of 2009. He presented a possible entry plan into this new position from the priorities listed in these documents” added Reed Lindley, Superintendent of the Pottstown School District.

Bamford becomes the first Executive Director of PAID, Inc. since its re-birth as part of the Urban Land Institute Advisory Panel Service Plan recommendation for a single-source entity for economic development in the Borough of Pottstown.

Bamford received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics & Business Administration from Ursinus College and his Master of Business Administration from the University of Delaware.

PAID, Inc. selected Bamford from a field of 37 applicants.

Editor’s comments:  We thank Jason Bobst and the rest of the PAID Board for their hard work in selecting a qualified candidate to help move Pottstown forward.  We are impressed with Mr. Bamford’s credentials.  Mr. Bamford appears to have the skill sets and leadership qualities that will be needed for the Herculean task of leading Pottstown to greener economic pastures.

We welcome Mr. Bamford to Pottstown and wish him much success.  We hope a new era of cooperation and collaboration will unfold in Pottstown that will enable Mr. Bamford to be all he can be in this position.  He CANNOT do it alone!  This means Mr. Bamford needs our full cooperation and support.


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  2. It’s great that there is now someone at the helm of PAID, and someone who seems well qualified – I agree, Roy.

    While I’m sure Mr Bamford is a wonderful man, I just can’t seem to wrap my brain around the Pottstown hiring practice of NEVER, EVER hiring from within the borough for such positions. It’s crazy to me! I have to believe that there are qualified people for these positions living within borough limits…people who pay the exorbitant Pottstown taxes to keep the borough going – year in and year out. And, if after a thorough local search it happens to be that the most qualified individual does not live in town, there should at least be a requirement that they must move to the borough within a certain time frame. No negotiation or amendments to the rule. If they aren’t willing to live amongst the people that assist in paying their salary, then why would we want them making the decisions which mold the town that we live in…but they do not?

    This seems like a bit of a no-brainer to me, however, it apparently isn’t….because we continue to ALLOW our paid leaders (most of whom also chose not to live amongst us) to do this? We as Pottstonians need to remember, ourselves, who pays the bills.

    My grandfather had a great motto: “He who pays picks.” He was usually referring to the choice of restaurant, however, as tax-paying adult I think the same should hold true of all positions that salaries are paid for – in any way, shape or form – by local taxpayers.

    This decisions seems to reek of the all-too-familiar (although not necessarily self-imposed) Pottstown inferiority complex. Isn’t it time that the Pottstown taxpayers reclaim our collective voice – and a little of our dignity while we are at it?

    So, that said, I’d like to offer a new Pottstown mantra, “Think Globally, HIRE Locally.” And, in the meantime, I’ll offer Mr Bamford and the New PAID organization the best of luck in their revitalization efforts of the town that I do choose to call home.

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