Save Pottstown Lambastes Thomas Hylton In Election Related Post

Ah, the smell of napalm is in the air once again as Election Day is just around the corner.  Our friends at Save Pottstown have come out of semi-retirement to shed some light on the self-proclaimed “most powerful man in Pottstown” and his election antics campaign.  Look for those glossy mailers to start trashing up your mailboxes soon!  If nothing else, they make lovely bird-cage liners or table crumbers.

To read Save Pottstown’s revealing look at Mr. Hylton aka the PAC man’s finances and get a few yucks at their verbiage, click on the link below:

7 comments on “Save Pottstown Lambastes Thomas Hylton In Election Related Post

  1. Know what I thought interesting about the Save Pottstown post? They locked out comments. You can’t reply to it, either to agree or expand on their message. Haven’t seen that happen before there.

    Thanks for flagging this, Roy. I woulda missed it otherwise! Regards,

    Joe Zlomek, Managing Editor
    The Pottstown Post

  2. Joe,

    I believe they disabled comments when they more or less went very part-time. Now they just comment as the spirit moves them from what I gather. Evidently Mr. Hylton “moved them”, LOL!



  3. Sans comments at SavePottstown, you may get the lion’s share Roy. It seems to me that either way, Tom Hylton, is sinking his own boat.

    1) If the 5 schools were consolidated into 3 fiscally responsible schools – his speaking engagements are doomed. In this scenario, he sinks alone, (with Francis tugging on the lifeline, of course), OR maybe not? Maybe she’s had enough too…ooops, the line slipped from her tenuous grasp, (symbolizing the tenuous grasp of reality that is becoming the Hylton’s private hell).

    2) If he is allowed to “stay the course” on this trip down the rabbit hole of fiscal waste, he’s still doomed. The big difference? He’s taking an entire borough down with him. How’s that going to look on his ‘over inflated’ list of speaking credentials?

    Like everyone else, his home won’t be worth crap and the taxes will exceed the capabilities of the 99%. What would be the reason for anyone to buy property and live in Pottstown? What is the reason now? Precious little – but maybe, at least we cling to HOPE?

    If Hylton’s plan remains on course, with a devilish grin and his ‘three sizes too small’ heart he’ll snatch the remaining, lone shiny light bulb of possibilities from the taxpayer’s tree and stuff it in his big black bag of tricks.

  4. Michael,

    Thank you for your insightful reply!

    Election Day is TUESDAY! The 99% CAN make a difference if they show up at the polls and vote for fiscal responsibility and keep Tartan Tom from becoming PSD’s worst nightmare! He’s already a nightmare but without people on the school board to reign him in, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

    Don’t say you weren’t warned!

  5. It is my fervent wish that we go over, under and around the greed, self-aggrandizing activities of the few to bring quality education to the students of PSD and EQUITABLE, fair taxing to Pottstown taxpayers! VOTE TUESDAY!

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