Athens, PA Flood Recovery Slow But Steady

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2011 has been a year of disasters.  As we recover from the freak snow storm on Saturday, many still without power, let us look back on the flooding which devastated parts of Pennsylvania and follow-up on the recovery efforts being made.

Athens, Pa. — On Maple Street in Athens Borough on Saturday, residents were making progress: some were spackling, some were insulating, some were putting up drywall, and one was ready for a break.

The street was inside a zone so devastated by the flood of nearly two months ago that, in the days just after the flood, people had to pass a Pennsylvania Army National Guard checkpoint to enter.

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One comment on “Athens, PA Flood Recovery Slow But Steady

  1. They say you don’t see the real character of a community until it is hit by hard times. Well, the area known as “The Valley” that crosses the NY/Penn border was driven to its knees by the September floods. I’m proud to say that we stayed on our knees just long enough to pray for strength and then the people of this region got to work rebuilding their lives. I am especially proud of my employer, Guthrie Health, who immediately formed a Task Force to identify our impacted employees, find out what they needed and get them help. This will be an especially tough holiday season coming up for our folks. But we have each other and really – that’s all we need.

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