Theta Xi Suspended At California University Of PA

Last weekend’s mega party at the Theta Xi house caused an uproar with college and borough law enforcement.  The California University of Pennsylvania Chapter of Theta Xi is being suspended by their national governing body as a result.  Last weekend’s “festivities” resulted in about 90 citations issued for alcohol related offenses across the borough.

California University officials are most likely placing those cited on probation and ordering offenders into alcohol education programs.  This crackdown was a joint venture between Cal U and California Borough.

3 comments on “Theta Xi Suspended At California University Of PA

  1. Why don’t we start an alcohol education program in schools starting in 6th and going through 12th grade. We shouldn’t wait until these kids get in trouble with alcohol before we educate them on how dangerous it is.

  2. The problem isn’t alcohol in California, it’s guns and off-campus violence. College will always be college, and in a small town like Cal where there’s nothing to do, kids need some outlet of letting out stress and hanging out together. As far as I can see, nobody takes it overboard. Cops will take down your name without asking whether or not you were drinking. This has been proven by the fact that citations were sent to sober kids at the party.

    Maybe California law enforcement should crack down on the people doing the shootings, not a bunch of college kids doing what college kids do. Alcohol education only goes so far, you learn moderation for yourself.

    As a college kid who works two jobs, maintains a 3.5 GPA, and still manages to keep safe and make responsible decisions involving alcohol, I for one am a little disappointed at the local law enforcement power trip.

  3. I am an alumni of California University of PA. I lived off-campus in Brownsville but worked in a bar part-time as a cook and also in the Language Lab part-time. I did well academically while at Cal U but my first two years were a blur at another state school. I could have used some alcohol education.

    The violence is a whole other problem which is highly disturbing. I never had to worry about that while I was there. Are you a student at Cal U? If so, do you think the violence could be exacerbated by the alcohol? Alcohol, drugs and guns don’t mix well. In any event, I agree with you that violence should be the number one priority for law enforcement there. They’ll worry about it after it’s too late!

    Small town cops are all on a power trip :). I grew up in a much smaller town than California, with no college, and it was as bad or worse with the local cops trying to exert their “authority” ala Cartman 🙂

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