Controlled Deer Kill To Be Conducted At Gettysburg Battlefield

Battlefield at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

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A controlled hunt will be conducted in the next six months by the Park Service staff at Gettysburg Battlefield and the Eisenhower National Historic Site to thin the deer herd by about 150 animals.  The population spiked recently to 80 animals per square mile.  The goal is 25 animals per square mile.

The hunt will be conducted at night and in areas closed to the public.  The venison will be donated to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank in Harrisburg.  A portion of that will return to Adams County.  Last year 17,000 pounds of venison was donated to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank.

An overabundance in the deer population can prevent forest regeneration and stress the ecosystem.  They cause damage to private property, farms, fields and can interfere with overall park management.

3 comments on “Controlled Deer Kill To Be Conducted At Gettysburg Battlefield

  1. Can we here in Western Pennsylvania get a “controlled deer kill”?Here in and around the Pittsburgh area,we have our fair share of Bambies running around.I’ve seen several dead along the side of the roadways.Don’t we have anyone to clean up the road kills here in Pennsylvania?If not,then I know what type of business to start.In fact I’ve had my own version of “controlled deer kill” back in January on Route 422 just outside New Castle,I blasted 2 Bambies.

    • you can call the game commission…. that’s why they have a deer rack on the back of thier suv’s. they don’t like doing it…. but it’s part of thier job.

  2. David Monn · Orrtanna, Pennsylvania
    I question this method before. I was told that there was enough blood shed on the battlefield, that’s why they do not allow hunting. So… what exactlly are they doing? The deer herd is no where close to what it was in the 80’s. I still believe it is the perfect place to let our wounded warriors hunt. There are black top walk ways that would allow wheel chairs to get to where they need to go.they could block off a small section of the park and have it as bow, or slug gun only. But… they would rather call in their snipers… lol! Park rangers that can’t shoot 50 feet. Last time this was done, they were told doe only! They (snipers)were shooting some huge buck. They claimed the didn’t see the racks. I know… I lived next to the battlefield when this was taken place.I also had friends at the time who worked for the game commission, they weren’t happy.These deer travel to other farms during hunting season and alot of them are shot. This is a safe haven for the deer to reproduce. The game commission claims they want to help the deer herd…. well Darren David (KNOW IT ALL!), where are you now? The last time I was walking on the park, which was just the other day. it was so over grown you couldn’t walk on half the trails. the park service doesn’t have the man power to clear and weed wack all the brush… the deer are doing it for you. I guess the deer must have asked for a raise….it’s time to get rid of them! If they are so sure of OUR DEER HERD POPULATION, take us out and show us 80 deer per square mile. They are really running our deer herd into the ground. The sad part is…. our over paid game wardens just look the other way with their hands held out. What a waste! Now everyone knows why all the good decent game wardens in Adams county quit! We miss you Jim, Howy, and Vince.

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