Montgomery County Prison’s $23.5 Million Expansion Completed

In an effort to eliminate overcrowding at the Montgomery County Prison, a new 512-bed addition has been constructed.  The new wing is completed and pending final inspection before prisoners can move in.

The new wing is a departure from a traditional cell block.  Prisoners will be housed in a dormitory setting, without bars.  Bunk-beds are placed along walls in large open rooms.  The new wing is for nonviolent offenders.  Of course, there are plenty of locked doors, guards and cameras.

The prison was built to house 1240 inmates.  It was then expanded and currently is home to about 1800 prisoners.

One comment on “Montgomery County Prison’s $23.5 Million Expansion Completed

  1. It’s so sad that we have to spend 23 million dollars to expand a prison and schools and churches are closing left and right.That only proves one very inportant thing,lack of proper parenting.I strongly believe that if more Fathers would be involved more in their children’s lives,we won’t need “expanded” prisons.It takes BOTH parents to raise a child.If you can’t do that,KEEP YOUR PANTS ON!

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