More Stupid Criminal News From New Jersey!

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Ya gotta love these losers!  This is a media release, LOL!

On August 22, 2011 at approximately 12:08 P.M., the Washington Township Ambulance Squad was dispatched to the area of Fox Hollow Lane, Sewell, NJ for a subject who reported that he ran into a mailbox while jogging. The subject was transported to Cooper Hospital in Camden, New Jersey for broken ribs and a punctured lung. It was later learned that the suspect was actually injured while attempting to break into a residence on Fox Hollow Lane. The subject had apparently climbed up onto a second floor deck to attempt to gain entry into a sliding glass door. After failing to gain entry the suspect was attempting to climb down from the deck when the railing he was holding onto broke. The suspect then fell from the deck onto trash cans below where he sustained his injuries. The suspect then ran from the scene and told a neighbor nearby that he was injured after running into a mailbox while jogging.

As a result of a follow-up investigation by Det. Martin Calvello of the Washington Township Police Department Investigative Division the 20-year-old suspect from Gloucester City, New Jersey was charged with Attempted Burglary to the residence on Fox Hollow Lane. This investigation is currently on-going and the suspect’s name is being withheld at this time.

What about getting a JOB!

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