Pottstown Citizens Plan Protest Again Slumlords For Friday

Are you a Pottstown borough resident?

Are you sick of slumlords not paying their water/sewer/trash bills?

Are you sick of slumlords renting to anybody that breathes and can pay their rent (not doing criminal background checks)?

Are you ready to make a statement that Pottstown residents are ready to take back their town?

If so, a group is gathering tomorrow, Friday, August 26th at 5:30 pm in the 400 block of King Street, between Franklin and Washington Sts.  This event is for anyone who is ready to say ENOUGH!  There will be a press conference and protest to demand that these deadbeats pay up or get the hell out of Pottstown! 

Feel free to bring your picket signs!

2 comments on “Pottstown Citizens Plan Protest Again Slumlords For Friday

  1. RIGHT ON Pottstown People. We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it any more…
    (but this is a peaceful demonstration). Bring your righteous indignation, a sign and a chant? See you there!

  2. I just learned the reason for the press conference being held at 444 King St., which is vacant right now. Andrew Soule defaulted on the mortgage/water/sewer, last winter at 440 King St. He turned around and bought the property back at auction for about 1/3 of what he owed. He is currently working at the property as a contractor and will, most likely, be there when the people show up to 444 King @ 5:30. They want him to hear what they have to say. He owes over $10,000 in water/sewer to the Borough and his properties are out right slums that he rents for big bucks to Section 8. BE THERE>

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