Pennsylvania’s Natural Gas Production Up 60 Percent

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Pennsylvania’s new growth industry, natural gas from the Marcellus Shale formation, has started to take off in a big way.  Figures show production was 60 percent higher for the first six months of 2011 than is was for the last six months of 2010.

Bradford, Susquehanna and Tioga Counties were responsible for over half of the state’s natural gas production.  So far this year, production in Pennsylvania has topped 400 billion cubic feet of natural gas.  There are over 1600 wells tapping the Marcellus Shale gas reserves in Pennsylvania.

The gas industry is not without controversy, despite the economic impact it brings.  Issues with ground water contamination and taxation rage on.

2 comments on “Pennsylvania’s Natural Gas Production Up 60 Percent

  1. I am so happy about the natural gas industry here in Pennsylvania.All I would have to say is leave the gas industry alone and let them give us a much LONG over due boost to our economy.
    The steel industry has been gone for over 30 years with nothing much as a replacement.

  2. But ONLY insomuch as the natural gas industry is a true benefit to Pennsylvania. If they rape and pillage, leaving us to clean up the mess, they will not prove to be worth the boost to the economy. Water contamination is a real issue that can forever change the habitability of our beautiful state and taxes are a no-brainer.

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