Keim Street Bridge Replacement Vote Tabled By Montgomery County Commissioners

I just read the Fishwrap‘s latest Keim Street bridge article.  I am left scratching my head.  If the quote in the article is correct, then we are lead to believe that the Montgomery County Commissioners learned of this “change of heart” in the newspaper.  Naturally they tabled the vote to approve the engineering contract.  Sadly, the $247,992 contract was going to a Pottstown area business.

Nobody thought calling Norristown to tell them about this “new thinking” would be prudent?  Instead, the commissioners were left to “read all about it” in the newspaper!  WTH!  This proposal should have been discussed “off-line” with the township and the county before any of this information was made public.

And while we’re at it, has anybody polled the North Coventry Township Supervisors or residents?  The Keim Street bridge does connect them to Pottstown so they may have some thoughts on the matter.  Were the township supervisors left to “read about it in the paper” as well?  So much for thinking “regionally”.

No wonder this town never gets any respect from the county.  What kind of message does this send?  Not a very positive one.  It’s like Alice In Wonderland, we just went down another rabbit hole.


UPDATE!  North Coventy officials are PISSED!  Check this out!

2 comments on “Keim Street Bridge Replacement Vote Tabled By Montgomery County Commissioners

  1. I’m not entirely comfortable with our current County Commissioners, either. Castor, for one, seems to be a dunderhead. HOWEVER, talks between North Coventry & Pottstown AND between Montgomery & Chester Counties should MOST definitly happen! Pottstown is not the only municipality that relies on that bridge and Mr Bobst and Council – with the notable exception of Councilor Rhoads, AGAIN – needs to get their respective heads out of their butts and THINK for a change!!! Wouldn’t it be nice and refreshing for Boro Council to actually think about POTTSTOWN, and not their own piddly agendas, for a change??? You go, Jody Rhoads!!! You’re the only one, it seems, with any sense!!

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