Owen J. Roberts Media Circus Back In Town

Looks like the rumor mill is running full-tilt at the Fishwrap online over the new OJR Superintendent of Schools leaving.  The OJR School Board rushed to hire a replacement for wrongfully terminated Myra Forrest and less than two years later the new guy resigns.  All the details are “confidential”??  Smells like day-old fish guts to me.

Despite all the “drama” this has caused and the pall it has cast over the Owen J. Roberts School District, the students suffer when there are too many turnovers.  It seems more than coincidental that this guy is “outta here” already.  If it is just “bad timing” then more of an explanation is due OJR taxpayers without violating anyone’s “confidentiality”.

The board owes it to OJR taxpayers and students to do a better job of selecting a candidate who is “in it for the long haul”.  Continuity is important and we are talking about educating our children – not hiring someone to run the fryer at Mickey D’s.  You had a perfectly good superintendent, who was totally committed to the district, and you fired her for no good reason!

Two thumbs down for more drama!

2 comments on “Owen J. Roberts Media Circus Back In Town

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  2. That is sad.

    Just when it seemed as if things were “rollin’ along”. I hope that more information will be known about this. I have relatives in the SD that deserve to know how it is being operated so that, when the time comes, they can make an informed choice about public v. private education. I don’t think this latest news is inspiring confidence about the board or those staff members in charge of daily business.

    Leadership is difficult to develop with so much change and discord (ahem, Pottstown).

    I know one thing to be true – I still question the Governor cutting funding to “things” but not down-sizing our statewide gov’t and cutting wages and benefits from the top down. Things are a mess!! “We” supply his funding and I suggest “we” demand more effort for less money. Isn’t that what reducing spending is all about?!

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