Methacton Throws Lunch Ladies Under The Bus

Aramark Tower in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Th...

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Methacton School District has replaced the entire cafeteria staff with Philadelphia-based food service giant Aramark.  42 workers and managers have lost their jobs.

Aramark has agree to offer comparable service and cut high school lunch prices by $1.00.  Aramark has also agreed to give consideration to furloughed workers for comparable jobs, but rehire is not guaranteed.

Food service is expected to be a break-even operation but has lost money for the last five years.  About $1 million dollars according to Superintendent Timothy Quinn.

Time will tell if this was the right decision.  Aramark’s contract is for one year.

2 comments on “Methacton Throws Lunch Ladies Under The Bus

  1. LOL it’s not nice to throw lunch ladies under the bus *tsk *tsk They could end up in catering jobs and I can imagine some tasty concoctions they might consider serving the members of that School District !!

  2. It’s sad they let this go on for five years. Instead of changing managers, they got rid of everyone…. the ladies on the lunch line have little impact on the bottom line….it’s the managers who are tasked with controlling expenses. Unfortunately, all those people lost their jobs.

    If you wanted to be on somebody’s good side in high school it was the lunch ladies 🙂

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