Evidently Stupid Is As Stupid Does In Pottstown

Despite the enormous amount of time and effort put forth by the Task Force and the cross-section of people who were involved in the process; the Pottstown Hyltonville School District Board of Education has voted to maintain five old elementary school buildings in light of the fact that:  a. Hyltonville cannot afford them and b. in the long run taxes will increase more by doing nothing.

Great job!  Not!

Many thanks to the Task Force for their hard work and many thanks to the four forward-thinking school board directors (Huss, Hartman, Pargeon, Weand) who voted NO to this giant step backward.  Watch how many homes go up for sale now!

Please keep in mind the five school board directors (Harris, Hylton, Wausnock, White, Wilson) who voted for this stick your head in the sand “plan” so when your taxes spiral even further out of control you’ll remember who to blame!  In case you forget, I’ll remind you when the times comes.

Two gigantic Roy’s Rants thumbs down and a cyber raspberry.

25 comments on “Evidently Stupid Is As Stupid Does In Pottstown

  1. You said it Roy! How can one town have such an over-concentrated number of numbskulls living within its borders? It simply boggles my mind!

    Hyltonville has way too many churches, rental units, non-profits and numbskulls.

    Who knows a good realtor that can quickly sell my 1st Ward home?

  2. It does boggle the mind! You might wanna mention that your home is near a neighborhood school Ed, that should help sell it fast….oh wait…you don’t have a neighborhood school anymore. Maybe Mr. Hylton can explain how his neighborhood schools plan helps First Ward residents “cash in” on the benefits of having a “walkable” neighborhood school.

  3. I like Tomstown, myself.

    Whatever. Move on the best way possible and if it comes to bite you in the tushy – 222 Chestnut St. is where you take a number to get in line for complaints (& cookies).

    Ed, GOOD LUCK!! I suggest you make a call, NOW!!

    So it goes, right Forrest?

    IF I hadn’t have gotten out before this, I’d be looking to do so now, myself. People have to stand up for what they believe and support choices they feel are right for their families – more power to ’em! I don’t see the wisdom in this choice nor do I support it – I don’t want to see it fall flat but I don’t think it’s the medicine the town needs. I think this vote is treating an earlier form of what illness currently plagues the town and, hence, will only ‘take the edge off’ and not HEAL the SD or community.

    Best wishes!

  4. Steph, this “option” is like putting a band-aid on a sucking chest wound. I am outta here too! This is the last straw for me!

    Thanks for your hard work on the Task Force, Steph!!!

  5. Leaving Pottstown is not a solution. You just become part of the problem. Sticking it out and lending your formidable abilities (ALL of you) to finding a solution is the right course. Leaving just gives Tom Hylton the victory and abandons us, who can’t or won’t be driven from our homes, and folks like Jody Rhoads, to Hylton’s machinations.

    Dennis Wausnock is a pussy (pardom my “french”). He pussied right out and let Tom Hylton tell him what to do! Shame on you Mr Wausnock! I WILL NOT be voting for your sorry butt in the November election.

    All SD tax bills should be paid on the current percentages. Any overages should be referred to Tom Hylton for payment. His fault – let him eat cake!

  6. Oh. Observation. Save Pottstown has changed it’s heading to “Sayonara Pottstown”. Does that mean they are giving up too, or is that a commentary on Pottstown as a whole I wonder. If they are giving up that will be one HUGE loss for Pottstown AND another abandonment. So sad.

  7. Yes, SavePottstown!! has thrown in the towel. After nearly two years and this stunning victory for Mr. Hylton, I think they are at a loss, as I am, on how to combat what he is doing to Pottstown. God knows we have all tried to educate people and share the facts but to no avail. Enough people don’t read blogs. Between glossy postcards and the “Fishwrap” we (collectively) are unable to turn the tide.

    For the record Roy’s Rants will continue to rant away about things we don’t like. Even if we are preaching to the choir.

    People better get off their duffs and vote in November because Mr. Hylton can already muster 5 votes in his favor. If he gets more cronies on the board he will be totally unstoppable! If that happens, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

  8. Thanks Ellen, giving up isn’t an option, your comment elevated me. I was debating listening to Prince’s “When Doves Cry” or reading the new comments here, glad I came here first.

    I know we are collectively smarter, more ingenious, exceedingly well spoken and unquestionably better looking than the majority of Five and their marginal community support.

    Maybe we have spent too much of our emotional & intellectual resources blogging and commenting. When Code Blue first united, they were a physical force to reckon with – an “in you face” kind of approach. People are busy and it is easier to connect with one another over the net but it may be time again to be present and stand up, united, in person for what we believe, and support the positive directions that are beginning to take form on other levels in Pottstown with our volunteer efforts and our sheer genius.

    For one, if we put our energy into helping grow and shape the tax base then the Tom-a-trons will have much less financial impact on our wallets. In helping grow and shape newcomers, we also increase the ranks of bright, beautiful, talented, common sense people who will set down stakes in our community and contribute to a progressive vision of education for our children. I have a currently inexplicable, “other worldly”, sense that the vote last night is not the end of the story, but possibly an open door to a major paradigm shift that will require all brilliant, conscious, beautiful people to stand up together, front and center, toe to toe.

    I heard, around town, that Dennis Wausnock owns his personal residence in Boyertown? Does anyone know the validity of this info?

  9. Yes. For the past 25+ years, Dennis has owned 19 East Fourth Street in Pottstown. But he really lives with his girlfriend Shirley Morey (a cafeteria worker at Boyertown Junior High West) at 26 South Monroe Street in Boyertown.

    Dennis comes to Pottstown to check his mail and attend school board meetings. If you don’t believe me, follow him home to Boyertown after the next school board meeting.

    How on earth could he have possibly garnered 25% of the vote in May’s primary elections? You’re right Roy – in Pottstown, stupid is as stupid does!! (especially when we’re talking about voters)

    According to the Pennsylvania Schools Boards Association, there are four eligibility requirements to serve on a Pennsylvania school board, one of which is that to be elected or appointed to a board, one must be a resident of the school district for at least one year prior to election or appointment.

    So, if Dennis lives in Boyertown, how can he be qualified to sit on the Pottstown School Board? I hope you’re reading this Mr. Kalis because as soon as Tom Hylton has the votes he’ll be giving you the boot as well. Do unto him before he does unto you!

  10. The biggest problem in this town is that people do not vote in elections. Because of that, people like Thomas Hylton and his bobble-heads do get elected. 90% of the people in Pottstown didn’t vote in the May primary election. If the turnout is no better in November, then expect team Hylton to sweep the election and totally control the school board.

    PEOPLE IN POTTSTOWN NEED TO VOTE IN ELECTIONS!!!!! Because they do not, we are in this situation. It’s very simple. The best way to neutralize Thomas Hylton is to VOTE!

  11. @Ed Franklin: If the property in question constitutes living quarters (as opposed to a post office box, which does not) and it functions as a “residence of record” for state of Pennsylvania purposes (for example, that’s where a court summons can be received, and that’s where bills are delivered), then it is my (limited, unscholarly and unlawyerly) understanding that it fulfills the school director requirement for residency.

    Joe Zlomek, Managing Editor,
    The Pottstown Post

  12. People don’t vote because they have no stake in Pottstown, (only the ones they buy with their access cards at Giant’s). There are too many non-tax paying entities, like churches, and I’ve heard, recently, that the vast majority of the heads of these organizations don’t even live in Pottstown let alone own homes here. The congregants of many of these churches are also said to live elsewhere.

    So, Wausnock’s seat on the SB is another one of those “gray areas” Tom is so good at exploiting. Legally correct, ethically questionable?

  13. I just find it ironic that the board director who tipped the scales to keep all five elementary schools open chooses to live in Boyertown.

    Legal or not, it stinks.

    Roy is absolutely correct. Until more people get off their duffs and vote, expect more of what happened at last night’s board meeting to be the “gold standard” for Pottstown. Can someone remind me again how having five elementary schools (in a state designated high poverty-high tax school district) will lower our taxes? Maybe Tom Hylton will run another ad in The Fishwrap soon explaining it to us dummies who can’t understand how having five schools is cheaper than three.

  14. Olive, if 90% of the voting eligible residents in this borough are NOT voting that is a huge problem. Everyone who lives in the borough has a stake in the borough whether they own a home or rent. There are more owners than renters (maybe not by many, but there are more). Which means that a large percentage of homeowners are not voting when we have 10% turnouts. That is a pretty big problem.

    People have always attended borough churches who live outside of town. The churches in this town do a lot of good things and are hardly to blame for Pottstown’s problems. If you want to focus on a cause, increasing voter participation in November’s election should be the number one priority. Otherwise, Mr. Hylton will win again.

  15. Roy, there is a vast population of disenfranchised Pottstown residents who are ignored during the election process. These are the people who need to be voting. Tom Hylton has catered his message to the 72% of caucasians residing in Pottstown.

    A serious drive to get even a fraction of the 28% of non-white disenfranchised voters registered and to the polls in November would be a political can of whoop-ass to Tom Hylton (and deservedly so). Do you really think Tom Hylton speaks for the non-white communities of Pottstown? Por supuesto que no! That’s how you send Tom Hylton back into his trash can. A little dose of Tom Hylton’s own political medicine on himself will do wonders for Pottstown and its psyche.

  16. That’s a great idea. IMHO, I don’t think Mr. Hylton speaks for anyone but himself. He doesn’t give a red rat’s rectum about the 72% of Pottstown residents who are Caucasian either…but don’t tell them that…they have drunk the Kool-Aid…or they are mesmerized by the glossy postcards. I am not sure which at this juncture.

    A can of whoop-ass or Hylton repellent right about now would be a godsend.

  17. @Olive – I’m glad I made my point to someone! Now we brilliant, conscious and ingenious people now have to pay that forward – tell three people who will tell three people, etc, etc, etc. We CAN pull Pottstown up out of Hylton’s sewer if we all just work together and get in folks’ faces again! I’m extremely disappointed in Save Pottstown – they took the option of just throwing in the towel and giving in to Tom Hylton. Gave up too soon.
    @Ed Franklin – YES! We MUST get the “disenfranchised” voters in Pottstown to register and then vote. The sixth ward, where Jody Rhoads is the Council representative, ALWAYS has the best turnout at elections of ANY of the other wards! We should contact Jody and find out what he’s doing – then go out and DO it!
    @Roy – You’re correct, I believe, in assuming that Mr Hylton cares not a fig for the 72% of Pottstown who are caucasian – except to try and control how they think! Others have said it before, and I have to agree, HOW can one person have SO MUCH influence on so many people?

  18. GENIUS Ed Franklin! I’ll have to reach into the penny jar for the Rosetta Stone Spanish Language course, anybody else game? Yo hablo muy poco español, ¿y tú?

    Enviar a este hombre un pasaje de ida en su viaje de ego!

  19. Jody knocked on every door in his Ward prior to the primary election, which is why he won the Democrat and Republic spots by getting commitments from residents to vote. Having your Councilor be so proactive in his/her ward makes a HUGE difference. Jody is always walking around his ward and talking to people, helping people etc… This behavior would probably be some of the reason voter apathy in Ward 6 is lower than the other wards. Voters see their Councilor and know he is actually doing something for them. Jody leads by example which is why I always refer to him as “man of the people”.

    The other elephants in the room are the power of the “Fishwrap” and Tom Hylton’s seemingly endless supply of money. The “Fishwrap” enables Mr. Hylton’s causes by giving him valuable coverage and Mr. Hylton can outspend anyone else in Pottstown, it seems. Who else can afford all those paid ads, glossy mailers, 30 page supplements??? He reaches far more people than read any of our blogs. I would venture most seniors in town don’t use a computer all that much and turn to the “Fishwrap” for their news. 25,000 copies a day are sold (or there about). No bloggers around here get 25,000 hits a day or even better 25,000 unique visitors a day, that I am aware of.

    A number of people here in town have told me that many older folks don’t read the blogs and swear by the “Fishwrap”. So unless there is a drastic culture shift in Pottstown borough to online media then the “Fishwrap” will always come out ahead. Don’t be too hard on SavePottstown!! unless you have walked a mile in their shoes.

  20. CORRECTION……Hylton works the black population as well as the rest. Just ask his sidekick, Heath. They are both pros at exploitation. In fact a friend of mine said Yoder made some type of remark that the black community is not happy with the way Hylton is being treated by some people in town. Heath promised more social services (section 8 housing on the river front) and Hylton walking schools to get the vote from the “I can’t think for myself voters! I would like to know what happened to the gene pool in Pottstown! Neither Heath or Hyton is from Pottstown but they sure have managed to make Pottstown an embarrassment to many of us and our surrounding communities! We need to pull our funds together and get out the information from “Save Pottstown” to the voters. We should all do some door knocking to get the word out and take our town back. They tried to get rid of Jody and that clearly did not work. We also need to get the word to the new owners of the Fishwrap on the way their “spin” news is reported and how they have helped to crumble this town via Hylton and all his commentaries. Let’s form a working group of concerned citizens and get to work spreading the word. It’s at least a start in taking our town back!

  21. Right on Marcy. I have also heard that Hylton has an “in” with the black community and I have seriously wondered what he’s done to make their lives any better. A working group is the way to go, meeting and speaking to people is even more powerful than glossy adverts and the Fishwrap. And, also Ed’s idea for reaching the Hispanic community. They are the fastest growing segment of our population and they have a couple good organizations behind them too.

  22. To all: I have been reading this blog for about a month now and very sorry to hear about the SD decision. I lived in Pottstown at 353 Walnut and 390 N. Franklin for over 15 years. In 2005 I sold and moved to North Coventry. I didn’t run away, but timing was right looking back. Now I am back as a business owner in the quickly empiting train station. In the 15 years I lived here, I never once had a Councilman knock on my door. Not once. Get the VOTE OUT ! I support all your efforts!


  23. Welcome Jim! Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Good luck with your business and thank you for choosing Pottstown as its location!

    It’s funny how many people on the outside looking in see Pottstown’s challenges.

  24. Funnier still, Roy, is the general town attitude of you don’t live here so your opinion doesn’t matter. I find it disturbing that a town wanting help but unwilling to accept ‘certain’ help or opinion can still ‘play’ the victim in the local, county and regional arenas. Isn’t not being open-minded and willing to adapt what got the town in the current predicament? Lighting a candle in the ‘window’ every night will not bring industry back nor encourage new business to come to town.

    Yeah, we saved the buildings. The debate is over.

    My question is what is the substance INSIDE the buildings that will elevate the level of education.
    Not much is ‘supposed’ to change, according to the vote at the recent meeting. So, besides new wiring, etc. what will inspire the next generation (staff excluded from this question)?

    Effectively, the taxpayers’ money being spent is the money of the next generation – in the next 10, 15 or 20 years I wonder if they will think ‘we’ did right by them and their children by doing ‘maintenance’ rather than improvment and some downsizing?

    I imagine myself walking into one of the 5 elementary schools in 10 years and wondering why it looks ‘preserved in time’, then I remember when the time to change with the times was at hand (on more than one occassion) a choice was made to take the easy way out – do as little as possible for as little as possible and keep from serving ALL students EQUALLY at ALL facilities.

    Yes, there are many challenges in Pottstown – I agree, voting is a BIG one and requires some REAL focus to get an accurate sampling of the population. It is a good place to begin and affirm if this is a choice that a majority support. It seems silly to me that this was never brought to ballot before. If the majority of the board believe they are doing the ‘will of the people’ then why not affirm this at the poll. I think that should’ve been the case years ago. Nevertheless, a choice has been made and I hope people stay involved to make the best of it for town and SD. The future is still at stake.

  25. I don’t think they want opposing opinions, whether you live here or not. LOL on the open-minded and adapting observation. That would be just too much like right!

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