Borders Going Out Of Business!!!!

Borders' current flagship store in Downtown An...

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The long decline of bookseller Borders Group is finally coming to an end.  It was announced Monday, July 18th, that the chain’s remaining 400 stores will all close and nearly 11,000 employees will lose their jobs.

The sale of Borders to Najafi Companies fell through after creditors objected to part of the $435 million deal.  Books-A-Million, the nation’s third-largest book retailer, may be interested in purchasing a few of the locations (30).

Borders was the second-largest bookstore chain in the U.S.

2 comments on “Borders Going Out Of Business!!!!

  1. OH NO MR. Bill…..

    Amazon and the internet can’t replicate the wonderful feeling of being surrounded by books, nestled in a cozy chair next to a hand picked stack of tomes on every imaginable topic at my fingertips. A good cup of coffee and the chance meeting of a kindred spirit. Sad.

  2. That’s exactly what killed them…they never embraced the internet age or developed a reader like Kindle. In the end they could not compete…which is very sad for the reason you mention.

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