Junk Flyers Make Their Way To Pottstown’s North End

Someone went through our complex today slapping Rupert flyers in the hallways of the buildings.  The hallways were just painted and the wet paint signs are still hanging up!

There are only six apartments in this complex out of one hundred and four with elementary school age children according to our Leasing Manager.  Most people who live here are senior citizens or do not have children.  That was a complete waste of time and paper.  So thanks for junking up our hallways with your flyers!

As for the proposed sale of Franklin School to a group who will open a private high school for problem teens, we all saw the article in The Fishwrap so photocopying it on a flyer and littering up the North End was a waste of time and paper.  I DO NOT see that concept getting approved.  Scare tactics!

If you want to get behind the real problem in Pottstown you should be focused on drugs and crime related to drugs.  That is doing more damage to Pottstown than any elementary school closing will ever do!

UPDATE!  Many thanks to SavePottstown!! for investing this matter and reporting it to the authorities!


Additional Update – Today’s Fishwrap includes coverage of the Pottstown School District Finance Committee meeting that was held on Thursday evening.  Evan reports that the board showed little interest in selling the Annex to Delaware Valley High School to educate “troubled” Reading teenagers.  Dr. Lindley revealed that he did not give a tour of Franklin School to the DVHS group.  Dr. Lindley told the DVHS group that Pottstown does not have the need for this type of program for our own students.  So as you see, now that the facts are presented this whole hysterical campaign about Franklin School was just that…hysterical.  It would be nice if we gave Dr. Lindley and the School Board some credit for having a brain before rushing to incorrect conclusions and whooping the community into a frenzied lather over something that was never going to happen!

7 comments on “Junk Flyers Make Their Way To Pottstown’s North End

  1. as an FYI, Roy…It will take a majority vote of the board in order to sell any school district owned property. So, considering TH was using the sale of Franklin as a school for troubled youths from Reading as a scare tactic to prevent the closing of the building, I would like to think that he and his yes men and women on the board would never do such a thing, but really…what do I know?

  2. I would think Borough Council would have a say in that as well.

    I would not be surprised if TH was involved with this little misinformation campaign. It is his modis operandi!

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  4. I don’t think I saw any flyers in the 200 block of Chestnut Street near the Potts Burial Ground. Coincidence?

  5. You can bet your sweet bippie Hylton is behind the flyers. Don’t you love how he gets his lackeys to take the risks? When they are caught you can bet Hylton will let them take the fall too. Makes ya wonder how much he’s paying people to do his dirty deeds, whatever, it’s not enough.

    Such a big man about town.

  6. Of COURSE TH won’t vote to sell Franklin. OR Rupert! If those two buildings close, there goes his speaking tour! How will he be able to expound on the virtues of neighborhood schools when his own community will have eliminated two of them? He’s sneaky & sly. And of COURSE he will throw his cronies under the bus to save his own unsavory butt. I also believe that his junk poster campaign is an effort to discredit those parents of Rupert & Franklin who are truly and sincerely trying to keep those schools open.

  7. Sorry! I re-read my comments and see that the bit about discrediting those parents makes no sense. Why would TH try to discredit prople who are working to the same end as himself or his cronies? What I meant was that I think the poster campaign is trying to Point The Finger at those parents who will then take the fall, saving his sorry hide.

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