Pottstown’s East End Plastered With Illegal Flyers!

Location of Pottstown in Montgomery County

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Our good friends over at Save Pottstown!! have brought a recent epidemic to light that we feel is important information for the taxpayers and law-abiding citizens of Pottstown to be made aware of.  The problem is an over-zealous 6th Ward resident(s) has plastered Save Rupert flyers on any stationary object they can find.

Save Pottstown’s research found that posting these flyers is illegal in the Borough of Pottstown.  Secondly, these flyers also include Franklin School on them.  However, as Save Pottstown discovered, these flyers are thankfully NOT in the North End.  I live near Franklin School and have not seen any and please don’t pollute our neighborhood with them.

The hysteria and inability to make a rational decision about keeping 5 old school buildings is beyond comprehension.  People are not moving to Pottstown in droves because of neighborhood schools.  Instead, they move to other school districts all around Pottstown with more modern facilities.  Mr. Hylton’s own “figures” show that PSD enrollment is down and staff is up so why is he so hell-bent on keeping all these old buildings?  The mother of all $64,000 questions!

To read Save Pottstown’s excellent analysis, click here:


2 comments on “Pottstown’s East End Plastered With Illegal Flyers!

  1. Hi Roy! Several months ago I sat in on a meeting at the Borough where this issue was discussed. Plastering Yard Sale signs all over has become an irritation and contributes to the trash and waste on the streets, no doubt the same is true with these Save Rupert signs. I think the Borough can easily track down the culprit, (see comment at SavePottstown), and see to it that they are removed and disposed of properly or the person (s) responsible should be fined. Don’t use taxpayer money to have Borough employees remove them.

  2. You tell ’em Roy! No illegal flyers in our neighborhoods!!

    I live in the downtown area (where there is no corner school) and I haven’t seen any flyers. I guess that’s because our local school was closed 30 years ago and re-routed to the other side of Route 100. Not exactly in my neighborhood nor very walkable.

    The last school bulldozed in my neighborhood was the one that used to sit across the street from Tom Hylton’s house (which is now a church parking lot). I guess he couldn’t save that school either.

    The law is the law. Track down the culprits and heavily fine them (because God knows the borough needs the $$$).

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