Two More Top Notch Pottstown School District Employees Leaving

The local print newspaper announced today that two elementary principals are leaving PSD.  The revolving door out of Pottstown continues. 

Dr. Angela Tuck (Edgewood) and Robert Giering (Barth) have taken positions at two distinguished elementary schools.  Both schools have received a 10 out of 10 rating from Great  Dr. Tuck is bound for Swarthmore Rutledge School in Delaware County and Robert Giering is joining the Downingtown School District at Uwchlan Hills Elementary School.  Both Tuck and Giering will be principals at their new schools.

Dr. Tuck has been with PSD for 10 years.  Giering has been with PSD for 6 ½ years.

The school district and Task Force are in turmoil; no thanks to Mr. Hylton’s constant meddling.  People are not going to stick around PSD to end up out of a job.  Especially high-caliber employees like Terri Lampe, Angela Tuck and Robert Giering.  These people have marketable skills as shown by their rapid departures.

These headlines will be repeated over and over.  The longer this climate of uncertainty continues the more people will leave.  If Team Hylton wins in November, the end draws nigh.

4 comments on “Two More Top Notch Pottstown School District Employees Leaving

  1. If the first initial is “J” I will be highly upset! I can think of several people who I would dance in street if they left town but they aren’t going any where. The cream always rises to the top. The mayor and most of council (Weand and Rhoads exempted) sink to the bottom!

  2. Roy, can you add one of those digital clocks onto your site…one that keeps tracks of all of the highly respected professionals from our school district and borough who are leaving town on account of Tom Hylton and his chronic obstruction to progress?

    Or how about a clock with a countdown of the number of days until Tom Hylton is out of office??

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