Pottstown Political Cesspool Claims Another Victim

It is hard to keep good people around Pottstown because eventually they a. get tired of the lack forward momentum or b. they fall out of favor with certain powerful politicos.

The latest casualty is Terri Lampe.  Ms. Lampe was Pottstown’s Economic Development Director until Mr. Hylton decided she was not on his bobble-head hit parade.  If you follow SavePottstown you know all about Mr. Hylton’s feelings toward strong, intelligent women.  Ms. Lampe then took a similar position with the school district (finding money) and from all accounts she was fairly successful. 

So one has to wonder – Why would Ms. Lampe up and leave PSD to go work for the Wyomissing School District in suburban Reading?  I think there are several answers:   

  1. David Krem was well liked here in Pottstown and is now the Superintendent of the Wyomissing School District.  I would suspect David Krem thinks highly of Ms. Lampe.
  2. Wyomissing School District is in better shape than PSD, financially and scholastically (no offense intended at PSD).  Job security!
  3. I would suspect since Mr. Hylton is not on the school board in Wyomissing, the climate is much friendlier.  Ms. Lampe was hired by a unanimous vote, according to the Reading Eagle.  If Mr. Hylton and his “team” win the election in November, then certain PSD staffers are in jeopardy.  Ms. Lampe was not letting any grass grow under her feet waiting for election results.  Who wants to work in a hostile environment?

Sadly, there are others who Mr. Hylton would like to “get out of his way”.  If he gains control of the school board in November it will only be a matter of time until they are gone – on their terms or Mr. Hylton’s terms.

Responsible Tom strikes again (maybe only as a contributing factor, nevertheless I am surmising he factored into that decision).

Best wishes to Ms. Lampe in her new position as Development Director of the Wyomissing School District.

5 comments on “Pottstown Political Cesspool Claims Another Victim

  1. Will Pottstown ever be free of all the destruction Hylton has caused in 30+ years and be able to move forward? It is all so very sad for everyone who resides here and wants better for our borough. As long as he is involved with anything in this town, this town will stand still back in time just like Hylton!

  2. Hostile is as hostile does – thanks, Forrest!

    An unending struggle to put a foot forward met with constant push-back would make anyone weary!! Sad to see another causualty in the battle to work for the betterment of the town & SD. We all have had people that make our jobs more difficult, from time to time, but when that is norm rather than the exception it is depressing. NO reason to spend a life working in misery since you only get one chance at it!! Best to put time and talents where they can do good for others and your own soul!

    Best of luck, Ms. Lampe!!

  3. Great post Roy! I also love your new site layout! Very nice!

    Good job Ms. Lampe on seeing the big picture and getting out of dodge. Who needs to deal with that harassment? Absolutely childish and ridiculous. Let’s hope that Tom Hylton doesn’t follow Ms. Lampe back to Wyomissing (isn’t that where Hylton grew up??). After all, he has sabotaged her last two jobs. Isn’t that how stalkers operate?

  4. Good Luck in you new digs Ms. Lampi, you deserve a little peace and tranquility, I hearby declare a new town in Pennsylvania – Hyltonmissing. Pack your bags Mr. Hylton the bus leaves in 20 minutes.

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