Urban Farm Proposed In Lancaster

The School District of Lancaster maintains a 21-acre vacant lot across from Wheatland Middle School.  A Lancaster City resident, Ben Weiss, would like to turn 10 of these vacant acres into farms and a garden.  Weiss runs two organic farms in Mount Joy and Millersville.

Weiss would actually farm five acres, four acres will be available as “incubator plots” for other farmers and the last acre would be devoted to a community farm and garden.

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2 comments on “Urban Farm Proposed In Lancaster

  1. Roy, great article on urban farming and the possibility of bringing disparate community groups together-how cool that Nepali farmers living in Lancaster could work side by side with generations of long-time Lancaster residents, and hopefully teach the children of Wheatland school about sustainability, cooperation and responsible land use? This is just what we hope to do in the Community Garden through MOSAIC CLT. Thanks!

  2. Yes! Thanks Roy for bringing this activity to the forefront. As Mary-Beth stated we are working to establish the first Community Gardens for Pottstown with the very same goals and objectives. This coming Saturday, Davey Tree Experts are donating their equipment and volunteer manpower to remove the trees from perimeter of the site of the new Gardens, 423 Chestnut St. allowing for more sunshine to reach the future garden beds. They will also trim the remaining trees that will give respite from the sun.

    Keep those stories coming! Very soon we will have a story of our own for you to tell.

    Katy Jackson – Community Garden Volunteer
    MOSAIC Community Land Trust

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