Amid A Storm Of Controversy, A Fallen Weiner Resigns And Enters Rehab

Anthony Weiner

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What’s up with all the sex addictions lately????  Anthony Weiner has entered rehab (probably under the advice of Ed Rendell, M.D.) to hopefully get a grip on his sex addiction and learn a few things about social media and what not to tweet!

Weiner notified Nancy Pelosi that he intended to give up his U.S.Congressional seat.  Pelosi has been one of many Democrats, including POTUS Barack Obama, calling for Weiner to resign.  This once rising star of Democratic politics has hit rock bottom.  Last July, former POTUS Bill Clinton officiated at his wedding and now Democratic leaders cannot distance themselves from him fast enough.  The Democratic leadership is afraid of how this scandal could hurt their chances in 2012.

It is hard to feel sorry for a grown man who does not have the self-control not to tweet or text pictures of his anatomy.  Especially a newly married man who’s wife is expecting their first child.  Hopefully Weiner will develop some more appropriate hobbies as the result of his stint in rehab.

Today, Weiner held a news conference in Brooklyn and officially resigned.  He appropriately blamed himself for the predicament he “created”.  Unlike politicians in Pottstown, who do inappropriate things and say they are “passionate”, Weiner took responsibility for his error in judgment.  I at least give the guy credit for that!

3 comments on “Amid A Storm Of Controversy, A Fallen Weiner Resigns And Enters Rehab

  1. If only Messy Mayor would follow suit! I mean look, maybe she isn’t as well endowed Weiner, and granted the national press didn’t catch wind of her undignified public exhibition. Nonetheless, she did “flash” all of her dysfunction to an unwitting public, (as opposed to a few, well chosen victims). She’s engaged in this behavior often enough that we could conclude that she would benefit from a stint in rehab, where she too, might stand a chance of developing some “healthy hobbies”.

    Messy Mayor Heath is bound to be an embarrassment, on some level, to the local and County Dem’s. Her behavior clearly offended her community.

    You got to “hand it to Weiner”, (as deflating as this must be for him), at least he knows it’s time move on.

  2. Yes, Olive, a stint in rehab would be beneficial to Messy Mayor BUT a person has to admit they have a problem for rehab to work!! Since Bonnie hearts Pottstown and will defend her position over and over I think she might be in denial about actually having a problem!! Maybe she needs a 12-step program, instead?

    Whatever the case, she gets away with her actions.

    This whole mess had fault on all sides – she just seems to be the last person caught in the cookie jar!

    We should move on and just be ‘on alert’ about her, potentially, bad timing.

    I think Weiner , ultimately, did the right thing and HE has to live with it – we’ll all, mostly, forget about it!

    Just goes to show you – the 5 second rule still applies to ‘fallen weiners’ (we’ll pick ’em up, eat ’em and move on)! A little summertime, picnic-type humor (please moan if it doesn’t agree with you, then take a Tums)! 🙂

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