Weiner Stands Firm – Will Not Resign!

Anthony Weiner

Image via Wikipedia

Even with most of the Democratic Party calling for his resignation, Anthony Weiner is refusing to step down.  While the Democrats are having apoplexy over Weinergate, there are some who took this “sexcapade” and turned it into a profitable enterprise.

Evidently one can buy an anatomically correct Anthony Weiner doll.  Demand is so high the website keeps crashing.  You can even get a miniature Blackberry for your Weiner doll as an accessory.  If Weiner resigns, the doll could become highly collectible.  Can you imagine EBay’s delight!

Only in America!

6 comments on “Weiner Stands Firm – Will Not Resign!

  1. Wonder what is happening at the Mercury. A long time employee and friend told me that they were instituting buyouts to some employees. when I asked another employee they said “yea, they are in bad shape” Sorry to hear that.

  2. Maybe you could’ve said – Too hard to leave, Weiner won’t resign

    Hah, what do you think of that one?!? LOL

    I suggest they don’t put him on the shelf with Barbie, Ken may get jealous… Afterall, Ken doesn’t have a Blackberry (I don’t think).

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