The Cesspool That Is Pottstown Politics

Last night, the smell was much worse in City Hall than passing by the sewer plant on Moser Road in the summer.  The stench of political agendas, the overt pandering to those agendas, the lack of leadership (not applying to Rhoads and Weand) and the undeniable rewarding of poor behavior left me reaching for a barf bag.  I might start bringing my own if I continue to sit through these council meetings.  I think we need a “honey wagon” STAT at City Hall as the municipal diaper is FULL!

A total travesty is what I would call that meeting.  Only two Councilors had the chutzpah to call Missy Mayor on the carpet.  The other four (Allen absent) were falling all over themselves trying to kiss her derriere.  The mayor’s position is “ceremonial”.  If the mayor is so gung-ho to monopolize every council meeting, let her run for COUNCIL!  And yes Steve, you are correct, it is your fault for letting her talk too much.  She talks more than most of the Councilors we elected into those positions.  The woman has an opinion about everything!


We need a total change of leadership – Weand/Rhoads or Rhoads/Weand need to be President and Vice-President of council.  Stick a fork in the rest of y’all; you’re done!

While we’re at it…since we pay Jason a tidy sum, why don’t we stop tying his hands behind his back and let him do his job.  He’s an educated, municipal expert who we are paying to manage Pottstown.  We hire a professional manager for a reason.  Council people are not experts in municipal government.  Most have full-time day jobs.  This is Jason’s full-time job which he is highly skilled at.

That is as polite I can be.  I have waited 28 years for Pottstown to “come back”!  I am sick and tired of waiting.  I am sick and tired of the “good old boy” network in this town that continues to hold it hostage.  At this juncture, I highly doubt this town will ever change.

So color me still crabby today!

21 comments on “The Cesspool That Is Pottstown Politics

  1. We can only hope that those four sets of lips aren’t stuck to that ample derriere or we’re in for a heap o’ trouble. Hey if I were prone to kiss ass under any circumstances I could definitely do better than that. We have four men on our council who can’t even do that right…what does that tell ya?

  2. I’m with you Roy. All I can say is WTF!! (excuse my French)

    Why are the councilors so afraid of the mayor? She has no power. Her job is only to be a cheerleader for the borough and to break ties. THAT’S IT!

    For her to say that she was sorry for stepping on any toes is ludicrous! She deliberately and intentionally set up a meeting with Joe Hoeffel. Drove down to Norristown with that pis* poor excuse of a Main Street manager and leaned on Hoeffel’s ear to plead her case. Why Hoeffel didn’t put her in her place for circumventing council I’ll never know. He’s good for nothing. Just like our mayor.

    I’m just amazed at the BS that took place at last night’s meeting. If I were Cathy or Erika from the Gallery School, I would have STORMED out of that meeting (and slammed the door) while the mayor was trying to spin her kittens and rainbows speech.

    While I hate to side with The Fishwrap, muzzle is the absolutely correct term. Muzzle that dog! Throw her into the pound and put her on notice that if she isn’t claimed, she’ll be toast!


  3. The problem is not only that woman who pretends to be Mayor. It’s also the bone headed Commissioner, Joe Hoeffel! I have to agree with Ed – Joey Boy is good for NOTHING! and he doesn’t care!. He certainly doesn’t care about Pottstown. We’re like some little pohdunk on the edge of the county and beneath his notice.

    I guess I’m naive, but I wish someone could explain to me how one or two people of questionable character can run rough shod over a whole town and get away with it! Oh! Wait! I know. Because we have dunderheads running the Borough, with a couple of exceptions. Mr Rhoads & Mr Weand on Council, and Jason Bobst – one sharp cookie there – seem to be the only people with any SENSE! Everyone else is just wasting air and taking up space.

  4. Riddle me this…

    If Mayor Valentine-Thomas was able to exhibit self-control and abide by Council decisions does it mean she wore a muzzle?

    Answer – NOPE.

    She was an elected official that understood where her ‘job’ began and ended and was respectful of the other elected officials she worked for/with. I guess that means she used her First Amendment rights judiciously. Standing behind the Constitution and using it as a shield to defend oneself is, to me, a pretty lame use of the rights we’ve been granted by that treasured document ESPECIALLY in the name of political posturing.

    Just me?

  5. I don’t recall Ann Jones acting this way as mayor either. I wasn’t as active in things then but I never remember hearing of anybody in the Mayor’s Office doing these things before. I think there was a secret coronation where Missy Mayor was crowed Queen of Pottstown and we didn’t get the memo??

  6. Memory banks didn’t go back to Mrs. Jones, but she was a good cookie!!

    Private coronation – that would explain a great deal!!

    I like that theory, Roy!!

    • Roy, you’re correct. Ann Jones was an adequate Mayor, “played” by the rules and put a good face on Pottstown but after she lost the Sharon Valentine-Thomas she became a bitter woman. Bonnie Heath, as I understand it, was hand-picked by her to “take over” from Sharon. So what does that tell you? Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned. She chose her revenge superbly!

      Steph, I wouldn’t be as nice as you and call that so-called mayor “Missy” MESSY would be closer, but that is even too nice!

      • Actually, while it’s true that Ann Jones and Bonnie Heath were friends, they no longer speak to each other.

  7. Why doesn’t Ann and Bonnie speak? What did Ann discover about her friend? I’ll bet she figured out Bonnie used her like she did any Democrat she could to get herself elected while the Republicans were all the while backing her to push Sharon under the bus! This town is a cesspool full of corrupt politicians. I, like Roy, have been waiting years as well for our town to turn around and unfortunately I am saddened to say I no longer believe it will happen. The corruption in this town drives a wedge between anything good and productive, it is like an incurable disease and the people who live are the ones who suffer the affects of their disease.

    • I’m not sure why they no longer speak to each other, but it’s probably for the reasons you outline. All I know is that the relationship is not sunny anymore. And if I were Ann Jones and responsible for our current Mayor I would want to put as much distance between her and myself as I could.

      • Actually, I didn’t say they were friends – I was never sure about that part of it. I just said that Ann had hand-picked Bonnie to knock out Sharon. I think Ann knew exactly who she had tapped and exactly what to expect from her. I’m guessing they no longer speak because Ann got a dose of her own medicine as Marcy had hinted.

  8. Ann Jones made calls during the promary and general election supporting Bonney Heath. Maybe Evan can correct me if I am wrong, but during either the primary or general election, weren’t officials called to the Middle School polling place for a disturbance caused by Ann Jones?

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