Pottstown School Board/Administration Speak Out Against Thomas Hylton’s Propaganda Blitz

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One can hardly pick up a print edition of the Pottstown Quicksilver these days without seeing some sort of advertorial from Pottstown Citizens For Responsible Government Treasurer and School Board Director Thomas Hylton.  Mr. Hylton has tried to sway public opinion about all things Pottstown School District for some time.

Recently, Mr. Hylton went on the attack against Pottstown Superintendent of Schools Dr. Reed Lindley, current school board directors, school board candidates and the Task Force.  Things came to a head at last Thursday’s school board meeting when Dr. Lindley, Director Polly Weand and Director Robert Hartman called Mr. Hylton on the carpet for his campaign of misinformation directed toward Dr. Lindley, fellow school board members and the Task Force.

Evan Brandt’s coverage of the meeting and the background information leading up to Mr. Hylton’s tongue-lashing by Lindley, Weand and Hartman was well documented and unbiased.  I am glad to see that Mr. Hylton’s monetary contributions to the local print newspaper are not buying him “protection” from scrutiny.  Frankly, I think today’s front page article portrays Mr. Hylton in an unfavorable yet realistic light.  It’s about time!

We still think Mr. Hylton should turn over the money from Trees Inc. to the borough. 

If Mr. Hylton truly cared about Pottstown, he would stop wasting money on ridiculous advertorials, supplements and glossy post cards and use that money for something constructive.  The tens of thousands of dollars wasted could have been used for the Community Land Trust, the PDIDA Main Street Manager program, to fund a downtown ambassador program, the Pottstown Cluster or any number of projects that would benefit the citizens of Pottstown.  Instead, this money was squandered to feed Tom’s massive ego and to advance one man’s agenda.  It was not used to make a positive difference in the community he supposedly cares so much about. 

Maybe voters should think about that when election time rolls around!

2 comments on “Pottstown School Board/Administration Speak Out Against Thomas Hylton’s Propaganda Blitz

  1. I’m with you Roy! That money should be used for the greater good of Pottstown. Not to further the greater good of Tom Hylton’s ego and bank account! What a waste!

    You know what steams my bean? That Tom Hylton is totally inaccessible. You can’t write nasty things about good hard working citizens of this community and not expect some kind of backlash. Talk about passive-aggressive!

    He claims on his website that your feedback is welcome. That’s a whole lot of bunk. He’s doesn’t care for anyone else’s feedback except his own. Why do you think he doesn’t allow his paid ads to be posted online in The Mercury anymore? Because he doesn’t want to read the backlash of comments against him and his crazy ideas. He wants a one way discussion. Sorry Mr. Hylton, that’s not real dialogue. That’s called being a control freak and trying to frame the debate…and Pottstown citizens are sick and tired of it.

  2. Well said Roy and Ed. PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE is the terminology I’ve been searching for. That has been my point of real frustration with Hylton’s agenda. I have no personal bone to pick with the man, I don’t know the man, and I don’t even know for sure that at least some of his ideas might be logical. When you can’t question him or have a conversation or a civil debate about his “facts and figures” it makes everything he has printed null and void, in my mind.

    If he can’t or won’t explain or defend his position he really has no position. So then he resorts to creating a rift in relationships that are vital to progress.

    Line up and be a friend to progress or get out of the way.

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