Reading Skyscraper Falling Apart!

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Berks County

Image via Wikipedia

The not quite 20-year-old Berks County General Services building is having some major structural problems.  The 16-story building (Reading’s second tallest) is either in front of or behind, depending on your perspective, the 19-story Berks County Courthouse (tallest building in Reading).

Pieces of the facade have fallen off the building and there are “fluids” leaking on parked cars and damaging them in the four-level underground parking garage.  Evidently there were problems with the roof  installation back in 1992 that are creating these issues.

There are two options to fix the problem.  Close the parking garage for 4-5 months, bite the bullet and get it done, or make repairs in stages and the project will take 4-5 years.  The first option would be cheaper.

It is truly amazing that a building this new is having significant problems.  Let’s hope the situation gets immediate action before something worse happens!

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