Pottstown School Board Director Election Results

It appears congratulations are in order for Mary-Beth Lydon, Andrew Kefer and Judyth Zahora for winning spots on the November Democratic Ballot for Pottstown School Director.  Sadly, Amy Francis and Michele Pargeon will not be joining their running mates from the Friends Of Pottstown Public Education.  Code Blue will now have two candidates on the November ballot.

Voter turn out was pathetically low.  I suppose people do not think Primary Elections are important and make no effort to vote.  However, by not voting in the Primary Election you are allowing others to dictate your choices in November.  This is how good candidates are removed from voter consideration while others creep in by default.

Glossy smear-tactic postcards evidently did the trick for the five candidates Mr. Hylton supported via his Pottstown Citizens For Responsible Government political action committee.  Hopefully in November voters will turn out in greater numbers and do more research before voting.  Otherwise the Pottstown School Board will become a one-way voting block.

In other election news, Roy’s Rants congratulates Sixth Ward Councilor and “man of the people” Jody Rhoads for his re-election victory.  Jody handily defeated his opponent and will be running unopposed in November!  “Fight When You’re Right”

We thank everyone who voted today and exercised their constitutional right to take part in a free election.  Your vote does make a difference.

Power to the Pottstown People!

3 comments on “Pottstown School Board Director Election Results

  1. Congrats to most of the people that celebrated a victory last evening! I can say a few results disappointed me for different reasons. I am saddened that more people didn’t get out to vote. A minority of people have dictated the choices appearing on the ballot in November.

    People say, in sports, bring your “A” game if you want to win. I think FOPPE brought an “A” game and faired well – especially considering the weather. I think the other slate of SB candidates let the money do the talking, apparently that is considered an “A” game, too. Ultimately, the day is done and some won and some lost – so now it is time to muster support for your faves and help begin work to make November a good contest – decided on candidates qualities & message.

    Let’s NOT allow flashy mailers to do the work. Money can’t buy you happiness. IF P’town let’s it or persuasive last minute rhetoric be the measure of a voter’s decision then I suggest people consider joining to support an effort – TAHday!!

    We NEED people to carry a message rather than money. Effort to connect with people over the glitz of the message (especially when some information on paper is inaccurate) is what I value.

    Let’s not let smear reign supreme in P’town. Contact FOPPE to see how you can help!

  2. A sincere connection and a listening ear mean so much more than glossy mailers. We can all help spread the word by being good listeners and sincerely interested in the plight of our fellow taxpayers. That’s an edge over the competition.

    • Olive, tell all your friends and together we can spread information instead of untruths.

      FOPPE might be down in numbers but we are here for the long haul!! Anyone willing to help us increase our connection in the community should visit our website!!

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