Pennsylvania Primary Election, Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Location of Pottstown in Montgomery County

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Tomorrow’s election is crucial to the progress of Pottstown.  Everyone needs to get out and vote!

The Pottstown School Board race will decide how well the school district and the borough continue to work together.  If we are going to move forward as a community, cooperation between these two bodies is essential.  We can continue to work together or go back to infighting and agendas, which have gotten us exactly nowhere.   The choice is yours, but at least make a choice and vote!

If you truly want “citizens for responsible government” running Pottstown, then Friends of Pottstown Public Education and Sixth Ward Councilor Jody Rhoads need your vote tomorrow and NOT the people on the glossy postcards from 222 Chestnut Street (that have flooded our mailboxes in the last several days).

3 comments on “Pennsylvania Primary Election, Tuesday, May 17, 2011

  1. Thank you for your support, Roy. The sooner we rise above grudges, name-calling, evasion, and indifference, the better our students, neighborhoods and entire Borough will be. I hope to meet many of my fellow residents at the polls tomorrow and appreciate the chance to ask for their votes.

  2. Roy has the facts for tomorrow’s election. Remember the postcards from Hyton and his candidates that are fear embedded with the header NO NEW CONSTRUCTION is exactly that..a fear tactic to turn your vote his way. There is NO NEW CONSTRUCTION in the works or old construction. Just like the one for Big Spenders which Hylton is the biggest spender of all. Just look at the thousand of dollars he has spent on advertisements in the Mercury. It is a wonderment that someone would spend that kind of money to get his own selfish way. Show Hylton you are smarter than that, vote for the individuals who have the children, taxpayers and Pottstown’s best interest as their top priority.Vote for FRIENDS of POTTSTOWN PUBLIC EDUCATION. Say no to Hylton and his candidates loud and clear and take your borough back!

  3. I agree 100% with Roy and Kathleen. We need meaningful change in order to take the right steps. No more of Hyltons tricks and games and no more of his cronies. We need people who will work together and keep the taxpayers in the loop.

    Vote FRIENDS of POTTSTOWN PUBLIC EDUCATION and let’s move Pottstown forward.

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