American Idol Upset: Pia Toscano Goes Home!!!

In what can only be described as a complete shock, Pia was sent home this evening.  Rounding out the bottom three were Stefano and Jacob.  Jacob was another surprise in the bottom three.  Neither Pia nor Jacob had been in the bottom three before tonight.  The judges were visibly upset.  Randy was shaking his head in disbelief and Jennifer looked like she was on the verge of tears.  All three judges walked up on the stage to comfort Pia, who could be heard sobbing over a microphone as her fellow contestants surrounded her.

Vote for the Worst claims responsibility for sending Pia home and keeping Paul.  The site’s goal is to eliminate Haley and Lauren in the coming weeks and have only the men left in the top six.  They described tonight’s episode as “hilarious” and are proud that they caused the frontrunner to be eliminated.  Personally, this is despicable behavior and American Idol needs to find a legal way to neutralize this website!

BOYCOTT Vote for the Worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 comments on “American Idol Upset: Pia Toscano Goes Home!!!

  1. I will Never watch the show ever again because they voted off the best singer on the show Pia. Although I’ve said it before I mean it this time. They need to revamp the voting system. The Judges should have a say in who gets voted off. Similar to Dancing with the stars. Or else, why are they even there?! Obviously what they say has no merit. I’m tired of pre-teen girls picking the winner of this show every year. I think everyone should BOYCOTT the show. Goodbye American idol.

    • After last nights fiasco of voting off one of the most popular and talented vocalists, Pia, I’m done watching American Idol. Until they change the voting system I just cant waste my time watching the circus. There is nothing fair about millions of tennie boppers with pink glitter cell phones chewing watermelon bubble gum monopolizing the vote. Its just not fun anymore.

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  3. Pia was the best singer on the show in years, you cannot leave judging in the hands of the public… they dont know good when there hear it.. the show needs a new system of voting.. the public vote should only count for half of the vote… Pia need not worry her future is secured rest assured,, millions have seen and heard Pia, she can now start her recording career without american idol on her back… She dont need them..

  4. A complete shock it was. I thought Stefano was the one going home. Pia going home though, wow. All I can say is, fans have got to step up their game. Pia was not my favorite and I did not see her being in the Top 3. Vote for the Worst has nothing to with this though. The only the power they have is to promote who they want to win, which happens to be Paul. I don’t see Haley or Lauren making it to the top anyway. It’s reality TV buddy, if the judges could pull strings as they please the show would be a complete bore.

    • You IDIOT…didn’t you just READ the article??? DUH??? It wouldn’t have MATTERED how many times her fans would have voted for her…”Vote for the Worst” engineered her departure from the show….AI will suffer MAJOR repercussions for “Vote for the Worst’s” SILLINESS….can you say advertisers LEAVING because of viewership of the show being DOWN??? LOL!! Comical….. they are turning this show into a MOCKERY…hurry up Simon with the “X FACTOR” show…time to get rid of the “KIDDIE” set….LOL

      • Dude, stop being so thick, she didn’t get enough votes. VoteForTheWorst didn’t engineer it, they’re only concern is Paul. Pia going home was her fans fault, not the sites, sure they thank themselves for Paul’s safety and Pia leaving, but Paul has actual fans, not just VoteForTheWorst fans. The only thing that site can do is vote, just like we do.

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