Why Is It Important For Pottstown Residents To Be Informed And Proactive?

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Code Blue is asking Pottstown Borough residents to make themselves aware of the current issues facing our borough and school district.  We here are Roy’s Rants agree!  The borough and school district occupy the same five square miles.  Therefore, it is crucial that the borough and school district work harmoniously and with the one vision for our community.  Your tax dollars support the borough government and the education of our children.

We believe the school district and borough are working more closely together.  A new spirit of cooperation is evolving since Dr. Lindley has become Superintendent of Schools.  We applaud the effort that the borough and school district are making to this end.  We encourage the borough and school district to continue working together and defining a common mission and vision to move Pottstown forward.

As a resident, the decisions that the Pottstown Borough Council and the Pottstown School Board make have a direct impact on your wallet.  Therefore, it is critical that taxpayers are educated consumers.  There are 22,377 Pottstown borough residents (2010 census).  Residents need to make fact-based decisions and not make decisions based the opinions of one or two outspoken people.

You are encouraged to attend school board and borough council meetings to gain first-hand knowledge of what goes on and see who is making decisions on your behalf and spending your money!  Knowledge is power.

Upcoming Pottstown School Board meetings are:

March 31st, April 14th, May 5th and May 19th

Upcoming Pottstown Borough Council meetings are:

April 11th and May 9th

There are some big decisions coming down the road about the number of elementary schools Pottstown really needs and can afford.  The school district is facing a large budget deficit due to funding cuts from Harrisburg and a declining tax base.  The teaching staff is without a contract and negotiations are not going well.  If you do not think these issues will impact your wallet, guess again!  If you are unhappy with your child’s education, your tax bill or have concerns with any of the issues I mentioned above, come to a school board meeting and let your feelings be known.  We elected these people into office and their job is to serve the taxpayers of this community.  They will welcome your comments.

http://www.pottstownschools.com/pottstown/Our%20District/Board%20of%20Education/Board%20Members.html/_top  Click this link to see who is on the school board if you are unsure.

The borough government is constantly grappling with decisions that affect your daily life at every meeting.  Sadly, a handful of people attend these meetings and offer little citizen advice.  Council needs to hear from the citizenry of this community.  Complaining that Pottstown sucks to everybody you know is not helpful and accomplishes little more than further damaging our community’s image to the outside world.  If you want to express your dissatisfaction about how this town is run, COME TO A COUNCIL MEETING and tell the people who can do something about it.  There are seven councilors making decisions for 22,377 people.  We voted them into office and they serve at our pleasure.  The taxpayers of this community put them in these positions.  Do you know who your councilor is?   http://www.pottstown.org/about_council.htm  Click this link to see who represents your Ward.

Do not be swayed by propaganda and skewed facts.  Make informed decisions by coming to meetings and asking questions from our elected officials.  Just because someone writes an opinion piece and publishes it in the newspaper does not mean it is 100 percent accurate.  It is an opinion.  An opinion can be defined as:  A belief or conclusion held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof. 

Knowledge is power!

7 comments on “Why Is It Important For Pottstown Residents To Be Informed And Proactive?

  1. Roy, is there any Pulitzer recognition for ALL the important work you do?

    Someone should nominate you – you wouldn’t let that go to your head like SOME people!

    Great post, hope people listen AND act!!

  2. yeah, no it is disturbing how derisive one man can be in a community of 22,377. The Task Force has worked very hard over the past year to educate themselves and they have been “hands on” in learning what the issues are with each of the elementary schools.

    I read the “report” in the over-the-top Mercury insert yesterday. It is Mr. Hylton’s intention to baffle the citizenry with b.s.? All of the charts, the numbers, the references to this professional and that one, (obviously he has far too much time on his hands and an endless money pit). People, think for yourselves, ask questions, make no assumptions and do not be dazzled by numbers. This is about people this is about the children.

    Heed this well written call to arms and attend the meetings. Don’t forget the Borough-wide Ward Meeting at the Tri-Pac, tonight at 7:00. It will be well worth your effort to attend this or the SB meeting, (too bad they are on the same night).

    Thank you Roy! In my mind you have won the big prize.

  3. Thanks, Roy, for the urgency of this message and its timeliness. We are all equally responsible for the good, bad and ugly that Pottstown is or will be, so I hope it’s SRO tonight at both the School Board and Ward meeting.

    Would that everyone who’s got an opinion would show up and share it. Since I cannot attend tonight, I hope to see your usual thorough run down of the meetings here tomorrow :). I have come to depend on them!

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