Coventry Mall Borders Express Closing!!

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For whatever reason, the Coventry Mall Borders Express store is not listed on the Pennsylvania store closing list.  However, after walking around Coventry Mall this morning, the Borders Express store has a final closing sale sign in the window.  It says this location only, which I thought was rather odd since Borders is closing hundreds of stores nationwide.

So there is your alert Pottstown area shoppers.  Borders Express at Coventry mall is closing.  I believe the sign said up to 75% off.  If you want to get some cheap books, you better head over soon!  It will not be open much longer.

4 comments on “Coventry Mall Borders Express Closing!!

  1. The mall didn’t renew the lease with them. It’s an unrelated closing. A bunch of stores at Coventry will, or have already closed.

  2. Thanks for the update! I noticed some vacancies when I was walking around. They did that with Auntie Ann’s pretzels (or so I was told) of all things. Should we expect bigger and better things to come then????

  3. My understanding is not only did the mall not renew their lease they had already obtained a new tenant before they even notified Borders!!! So we will evidently have a new bookstore some chain from down south i hear! I heard Spencers is leaving and the pretzel place as well as what has already closed! The place is emptying out and fast! Its not even worth the trip over anymore!

    • The Spencer’s is absolutly not closing I am not sure where you heard this from but you should please get your facts straight before posting any posts about stores that are unrelated to Borders !

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