Consumer Price Index Rose .5% In February

US consumer price index 1800–2007.

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Now it is official and not just our imagination that money is not going as far as it used to!  The Consumer Price Index made its highest jump in two years last month.  Gas and food were the biggest culprits attributing to the gain.  Without those two items, there was only a .2 percent rise.

Gas prices rose 4.7 percent last month alone!  Food costs increased .6 percent.  Unfortunately, more prices increases are down the road.

One comment on “Consumer Price Index Rose .5% In February

  1. O.K.,let me get this straight,gas and food prices increased,with more increases on the way.Didn’t Mr Obama say that Social Security didn’t NEED a raise the last 2 years?Hey Dictator Obama,how about YOU and your Buddies in D.C.try to make ends meat on what Social Security “pays” out!!I say let’s give Gramma some extra money to pay bills and buy food since gas prices went up nearly 5%!
    Oh,one more thing Comrade Obama,

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