Norristown Creates Citizen/Police Liason Group

In order to create a dialogue and understanding between Norristown Borough residents and the Norristown Police Department, a new group called Norristown Community & Cops Coalition Building Team was created.  The group trained for a year before being introduced to Norristown Borough Council on March 1st.  This is called being PROACTIVE!

There is a disconnect between residents of the borough and the police department.  The perception of many residents is that the police officers (who do not live in Norristown Borough) do not care about the residents.  Residents feel the police view everyone as a suspect and are treated badly by police.

What a great idea!  To read the full story from the Times Herald click here:

One comment on “Norristown Creates Citizen/Police Liason Group

  1. So now that the Police Chief has a handsome raise it would be a good time to jump on the bandwagon and begin to develop a relationship with the people here, just follow Norristown’s lead and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Also, he would do a service to install cameras where they would make the most sense like the report you gave, Roy, on York was it? We want to see a lot of movement in the right direction from this Chief and he owes it to the residents who pay his salary.

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