Pennsylvania State Education Association Requesting Teachers Consider Wage Freeze

The largest teacher’s union in Pennsylvania is urging its members to consider Governor Corbett’s proposal that teachers take a one-year wage freeze to help plug the Commonwealth’s $5 billion budget deficit.  The PSEA suggested that other cost-saving measures be considered, in addition to the wage freeze.

While the union is fighting the massive education cuts in the governor’s proposed budget, I applaud their effort to make this sacrifice.

We are facing very difficult times.  Everybody will have to make sacrifices to help Pennsylvania climb out of this chasm.  Many companies are not giving raises to their employees due to the recession.  This is nothing new for most Pennsylvania residents.

Norristown Creates Citizen/Police Liason Group

In order to create a dialogue and understanding between Norristown Borough residents and the Norristown Police Department, a new group called Norristown Community & Cops Coalition Building Team was created.  The group trained for a year before being introduced to Norristown Borough Council on March 1st.  This is called being PROACTIVE!

There is a disconnect between residents of the borough and the police department.  The perception of many residents is that the police officers (who do not live in Norristown Borough) do not care about the residents.  Residents feel the police view everyone as a suspect and are treated badly by police.

What a great idea!  To read the full story from the Times Herald click here:

Judy Schwank (D) To Replace Mike O’Pake In 11th Senate District

A former Berk’s County Commissioner has been voted into office by special election to replace Pennsylvania Senator Mike O’Pake, who died in office after suffering complications from heart surgery.

Judy Schwank handily beat her Republican challenger Larry Medaglia according to the unofficial results.

Schwank will serve out the remaining two years of Mike O’Pake’s 10th term.

Earthquake Shortens Day, Shifts Earth’s Axis: NASA

The NASA insignia.

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NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory says the March 11, magnitude 9.0 earthquake in Japan may have shortened the length of each Earth day and shifted its axis, but it says you shouldn’t notice the difference……

Read the rest of this interesting article here:,_shifts_earth’s_axis:_nasa.html

Steven Tyler Calls Allentown Explosion Victim

Musician Steven Tyler
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Aerosmith front man and American Idol judge, Steven Tyler took time out of his busy day call Patty Grabowski after receiving a letter from her.  Steven spent an hour on the phone with Patty as they talked about rebounding from tragedy and adversity.

Patty and her family lost everything when their home was leveled by a gas main blast and fire in Allentown on February 9th.  Five of Patty’s neighbors perished as a result of the tragedy.  Fortunately, Patty, her parents and their cat Tally all survived.  Unfortunately, everything was lost, even her wedding dress.  Patty is getting married in June.

After the inspiring phone call, Patty received an autographed picture of Steven Tyler the next day.  The message was “I’m singing to u.”

What a great thing to do for a fan!  Patty’s cat Tally is named after Steven Tyler, who real last name is Tallarico.  Mr. Tyler is a class act.