Pottstown Council Approves Raises For Borough Manager And Police Chief

Two agenda items on this evening’s Pottstown Borough Council meeting were the approval of contract addendums for Jason Bobst, Borough Manager and Mark Flanders, Pottstown Chief of Police.

Basically the contact addendums are raises.  Council was asked to approve a three percent increase for both gentlemen.

Councilor Rhoads read from a prepared statement on why he would vote no in both of these instances. (I will make this statement available in another post).  There was no other discussion.

A roll call vote was taken with Councilor Rhoads casting the only NO vote.  Mr. Bobst’s salary was increased to $96,820.00 for the 2011 calendar year.  Mr. Bobst’s benefits include a vehicle for business use and his dues for the ICMA ($800).  Mr. Bobst was exempted from the borough residency requirement but must live within 15 miles of Pottstown.  He currently resides in Douglassville.

Mr. Flanders’ salary was increased to $100,425.00 for the 2011 calendar year.

One comment on “Pottstown Council Approves Raises For Borough Manager And Police Chief

  1. This was packaged as an “addendum” to their contracts with no public discussion on the numbers or percentage increases. Why wasn’t this on the agenda of last week’s Committee of the Whole meeting? Why does it take a press release submitted AFTER the vote to learn about how much these raises entailed? Were these raises figured into the budget last year when they “struggled” to cut everything they could?

    This is why there is a transparency issue within our Borough Hall. The only time it’s open and transparent is when it’s convenient for them.

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