A Stink Bug Solution Coming From The United States Department Of Agriculture!

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Finally, a stink bug solution!!!!  The USDA has come up with a way to get rid of 80 percent of the stink bug population plaguing 33 states (the Mid-Atlantic States are ground zero).  A tiny wasp from Asia will be used to wipe out most of the stink bug population.  The wasp lays eggs in the skink bug and the babies eat their way out (yuck) killing the stink bug.  I am sure PETA will freak out over it but I say hip-hip hurrah!  They hope to release the wasps in 2013.  If the stink bugs are left unchecked they will decimate our food supply.  They are already impacting it!

 Read the entire article from the Baltimore Sun:


3 comments on “A Stink Bug Solution Coming From The United States Department Of Agriculture!

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  3. OK—-the public should beware of this so-called “solution” to the stink bug problem being brought to us by the same government people who introduced the bug!

    The stink bug was brought into to this country because the USDA said they would get rid of the ladybugs who were eating too many food crops.

    Well, they got rid of the ladybugs but now the country is being infested by these vermin.

    I do not trust any solution that starts out with “let’s introduce this new bug to kill the problem bug” because the chances are almost 100% that this wasp the USDA wants to introduce will bring other problems, maybe even worse problems, than what we have now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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