Everybody’s Favorite – Stink Bugs!

Here is an interesting article about those pesky stink bugs that entered the USA via Allentown back in 1998.  They are worse than ever and evidently have no natural predators, however, they HATE the cold.   This article from the York Dispatch talks about the temperature spikes effecting them as well as ways to get rid of them.


One comment on “Everybody’s Favorite – Stink Bugs!

  1. Oh my favorite thing about warmer weather,stink bugs!
    O.K.,let me get this straight,stink bugs showed up here around 1998.
    Wasn’t that around the time Bill Clinton started to let China take over America with imports?
    I say send EVERYTHING back to China(INCLUDING STINK BUGS)!!
    If we would just start making stuff HERE again,can you imagine where the jobless rate would go?
    Like I said in a prior post here,GET RID OF THE IRS and use the fair tax!Make the tax system business friendly.

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