More Store Closings – Pathmark And Superfresh To Close Stores

Ten Delaware Valley underperforming supermarkets are closing shortly due to competition from Super Walmart stores.

The two stores closing closest to Pottstown are the Lionville Superfresh in Chester County and the Saucon Valley Pathmark.  Saucon Valley is an area south of Allentown and Bethlehem.  Other stores are mostly in New Jersey with one in Delaware and one in Yardley PA.

Superfresh and Pathmark are union operations and offer better wages and benefits than Walmart.  The store closings will put 600 people out of work.

8 comments on “More Store Closings – Pathmark And Superfresh To Close Stores

  1. I work in the deli department at the Rehoboth Superfresh store and I am wondering and have heard many different rumors about this store closing at the end of Augest. Can anybody tell me if this is true? The management at our store tells us there is nothing to worry about, the store is not closing. I don’t know what to believe,need input.
    Concerned employee

  2. I only see Milford and Dover listed as closing in DE – Rebobeth isn’t mentioned on any closing list that I can find.

  3. The Superfresh Rehoboth location is closing at the latest by the end of this summer. The unions have run us into the ground and the store can no longer absorb the losses. We do appreciate the business that the local community has provided to us for all of these years. Thank you very much.
    Chris Rogers

    • WOW I am so sorry to hear that. I really wanted to try and move there and work in that store. It was nice meeting you Chris.

  4. My name is Pete and I work as a manager at the Rehoboth Superfresh location. The store is slated to be closed very soon from what I am told. We cannot compete with the other local super markets that are managed better.

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