City Of Reading Buys iPads For Some Employees

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An interesting article from the Central Pennsylvania Business Journal about Reading buying 11 iPads for some city employees as a cost saving measure.  Make sure to read the comments.  I suppose this would be considered a one time investment and would pay for itself over time.

One comment on “City Of Reading Buys iPads For Some Employees

  1. Great article, Roy. This type of technology can actually save money in the long run. I think they could have accomplished it cheaper with netbooks or laptops, but I dig the iPad approach. The School Board uses laptops for this purpose. If the Borough invested in something like this and used them across all the different Boards and Committees, I’m sure a cost savings could be found. Plus, all your past meeting agendas, minutes, plans, ordinances, information, etc. are all right there to instantly refer to if needed. In the interest of time and progress, we should be working smarter.

    Something to note with this article – It was refreshing to read the comments posted on the article and see a calm, rational debate on the issue. Don’t get to see that much around here.

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