Scranton Police Department Gets New Crime Fighting Software

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Scranton has purchased new software that will enable their police department to get a better handle on crime.  

For a very low price tag, $6,000, this software will enable police to do crime-mapping, tracking and facilitate anonymous tips from residents.  This sounds like something we could easily do in Pottstown.  The $6,000 price tag is a blip on our $3 million police budget. 

Anonymous tip reporting will get citizens more involved with law enforcement which is something that has been discussed here.  Citizens can get on their computer or phone, from the safety of their home, and report crimes or suspicious activity to the police.  It is completely anonymous.

The software pinpoints crimes on a map by location, type of crime and the time the crime was committed.  In Scranton’s case the data will go back as far as 2003!  What an awesome tool for such a rock-bottom price!  This technology will give police the opportunity to analyze trends and find creative ways to combat crime.

Scranton had a crime index in 2009 of 306.7, which is slightly below the US average of 319.2.  Pottstown had a crime index in 2009 of 454.7.  Scranton falls into the low category.  350 – 699 is considered moderate which is where Pottstown scores.  A score of 700 – 999 is considered high. 

The point of my comparison is that even with a lower crime rate; Scranton is being proactive and spending a few thousand dollars to reduce crime in their city with the use of technology.  It would seem this is something Pottstown should seriously consider.  I bet Scranton PD would give us a demo 🙂

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  2. PROACTIVE. Novel concept. You’re right Roy, our Police Department would serve themselves and the residents well to invest in this software. When they have historical data at their fingertips, combined with current data, they can spot trends quickly.

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  4. No, I don’t think crime has increased or is a big problem. The point of the software is to work smarter and use technology to help be proactive against crime. Scranton’s crime rate is low for a city that size, if you look at the crime index for 2009, Scranton had a crime rate of 306.7, right in the middle of the average range. The U.S. average is 319.2 so Scranton falls below that number. It is a safe community.

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