***New Blog Category***

A new category labeled Revitalization has been added so that readers, specifically interested in municipal revitalization/economic development, can find all related posts under this subject in a single location.

I went back through all 930 posts to ensure they were all included.  As of this writing, there are 60 posts about revitalization and economic development in various Pennsylvania cities and towns under the Revitalization category.

2 comments on “***New Blog Category***

  1. Thanks Roy. I read everything you write and particularly love the revitalization. I like to read about what other communities are doing, where the money is coming from, and then I visiualize how some of these ideas could fit, right here in P.Town. Having them all in one place on your blog, for me, is a bit like “a kid in a candy store”. So keep on keepin’ on!!!

    • Thanks Olive. I appreciate your loyal readership and comments very much.

      I am glad that others can take these ideas and visualize doing them in Pottstown, as I do. We could do amazing things here if we tapped into some of these programs or concepts that other municipalities are using.

      There is much money still available to fund economic development and revitalization efforts. Somebody with authority, to speak for Pottstown, just has to call or email the organizations or contact people in any of these 60 posts and I know they would be thrilled to help us. People love to share their successes!

      Any concept could be customized to work here. It needs dedication and some hard work with the realization that things take time. A plan needs to be formulated and then stick with it, even though the rough times. I am sure any one involved, in any of these efforts, can tell you it wasn’t easy but paid big dividends down the road 😉

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