Carmike To Build At Upland Square – Commerce Corner Sputters

Looks like Carmike is heading across Route 100 to Upland Square shopping center.  Frankly, I would rather see Upland Square get filled up before we build another shopping center on the same intersection.  By the way, I would really like to see Pottstown Plaza get filled up!!!

Read the entire story from my good buddy Joe Zlomek over at the Sanatoga Post:

2 comments on “Carmike To Build At Upland Square – Commerce Corner Sputters

  1. Roy, as always I’m honored by your referral. Thanks very much!

    Given the state of the economy, I guess we should not be surprised by Carmike’s decision to go with the known (Upland Square) over the proposed (Commerce Corner).

    I will say, though, that I think that same decision gives hope for the state of the economy to come. The Carmike project purportedly represents a near-doubling in size of its existing theater. Obviously, the company believes a lot more people will go to the movies in the near (next 12 months) future and beyond. There’s happy reading in those tea leaves.

    As far as Pottstown Plaza goes, I suggest it needs re-construction before it again becomes attractive to merchants. It faces State Street, when in fact (like Upland) it needs to face Route 100 where the maximum traffic is. That won’t be an easy fix.

    • Joe,

      Your observation about Pottstown Plaza is a good one. I suppose that in the late 80’s when Pottstown Plaza was built, we weren’t thinking along those lines.

      They could make the rear of the shopping center (that faces Route 100) more appealing with maybe some murals, lighting and signage that would be eye catching?? The big sign needs to be updated. That would certainly help some for now. The whole center needs a “make-over” to freshen it up. If they can’t reconstruct they should still make it visually more appealing. A rear facade change, like painting on a streetscape facing the road, would catch the eye. That would be inexpensive if $$$ is a factor.

      I continue to hope for the best 🙂

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