Animal “Mass Die-Offs” Nothing To Panic Over

A flock of Red-winged Blackbirds (Agelaius pho...

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Evidently, according to AP Writer Seth Borenstein, the recent conspiracy theories about the blackbirds in Arkansas, crabs in the Chesapeake and red tilapia in Vietnam are internet hype and to be taken with a grain of salt.  These “die-offs” happen in nature all the time. 

With the advent of the internet age and instant access to information, people are more aware now of what happens across the globe at any given moment of the day.  This “access” to information leads some people to speculate outrageous things.  According to scientist and the Federal government, these die-offs are nothing to be alarmed over.

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One comment on “Animal “Mass Die-Offs” Nothing To Panic Over

  1. I beleive that something is going on in the world when you see so many mass die offs of animals.It isn’t just happening here in America,I just read a story about the very same thing happening over seas.When you start reading and studying the Bible,you will begin to understand that we are truely getting very close to the second coming of Christ.People here in America and around the world need to understand that there are signs that Christians are seeing that indicate that the coming of Christ the second time and what we call the “rapture”is getting very close.We all need to get off Facebook and start a serious study of the Bible.Read the book of Revelations.You will be very surprised to see what is written in the last book of the Bible.

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