Dollar General: Recession Success Story – Expanding In 2011

Dollar General Corporation of Goodlettsville, TN is actually thriving during the recession.  Unlike many businesses, Dollar General is expecting to hire 6,000 new employees and open 625 new stores this year.  I doubt we will be seeing many other chains announcing such large-scale expansion plans for 2011.

Dollar General operates 9,200 stores in 35 states.  The expansion will add three more states to that list.  Residents of Nevada, New Hampshire and Connecticut will soon be getting stores near them!

The Pottstown area has two Dollar General stores located in the North End Shopping Center and Stowe Crossing.

3 comments on “Dollar General: Recession Success Story – Expanding In 2011

  1. It’s a shame that a company such as Dollar General would be hiring 6,000 people.Don’t get me wrong,it’s great that a company is expanding like that.My question is,why can’t other companies (other than dollar stores) do the same thing.These 6,000 jobs are lower paying jobs with little or no benefits.We really need jobs that pay a good wage that offer benefits.In order for companies to offer higher wages and benefits,we need a more business friendly TAX SYSTEM.The main reason companies are out sourcing jobs to other countries is TAXES and more TAXES.Go to the FAIR TAX and see how many companies will hire 6,000 people or more.I don’t know about you,I am very tired of seeing MADE IN CHINA.Thanks Bill Clinton!

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